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The following procedure applies only to GasanMamo Insurance Ltd clients. If you are not insured with GasanMamo Insurance Ltd, you may contact us on and make your enquiry or contact us on 21 345 130.

Statement on QVR

GasanMamo Insurance Ltd is one of the four motor insurers who is participating in the Quality
Vehicle Repairs initiative launched earlier this year as part of the Motor Insurers’ Repair
Efficiency Project (MIRE). Read the full statement here, click here for english and here for maltese.

Reporting an Incident

In the event of an incident, which is covered by your Motor Insurance Policy issued by GasanMamo Insurance Ltd, you are required to inform us of it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. You may do this by completing the Online Claim Form.

We would then confirm receipt by return e-mail providing you with a reference number. We will also mail you a printed version of the claim form which you would be required to sign and return to us by mail together with the payment of your excess and some other documents where required. There may be cases where it will be necessary for you to visit our claims department in person.

You may also call personally at our offices or at any of our branch network – for details of our addresses and opening hours please visit the Contact Us page.

Documents required

  1. A completed Accident Report form
  2. Settlement of Excess
  3. A copy of your Identity Card
  4. A copy of the driver’s driving license
  5. When applicable, the completed front to rear form

We will contact you if we require any other documents or information. You may also send us scanned copies of these documents via email after you have submitted the on-line claim form as this will speed up the process.

Choosing a repairer

GasanMamo supports the Quality Vehicle Repairs initiative.   We therefore strongly recommend that you entrust the repair of your vehicle to a repairer that has been QVR certified, a  list of these available by clicking the link below. QVR certification ensures that the repairer is properly trained and equipped to repair your vehicle in accordance with the procedures required by the manufacturer, and in such a way that it would not compromise the safety features  or the resale value of your car. The advantages of using a QVR certified repairer are fully explained in the QVR website


Please remember that very often you will be required to pay the policy excess before the claims process can commence. Since the amount of the excess can vary, as this depends on the circumstances of the case, we will notify you of the amount payable. The excess can be paid at our Head Office or one of our branch network offices in cash, credit or debit card. You may also send us a cheque payable to GasanMamo Insurance Ltd. The excess can also be settled through your internet banking.

Claim Processing

Upon receipt of the completed internet Accident Report form, we will start processing your claim on a without prejudice basis. However, if all the above required documents are received we will be in a position to proceed towards settling your claim.

Front to Rear Collision

When the collision is a front to rear one, we would also require receiving a copy of the completed front-to-rear form signed by the parties involved.

Warden Report

If the accident has been attended to by the local wardens, a copy of the accident report will be sent to us automatically. If you have submitted a claim form, you do not need to take any action. Upon receipt of the warden’s report, we will contact you in order to proceed with whatever action is necessary.

Police Report

We would remind you that you are also required by law and by the policy conditions to report to the Police the following incidents:

  • Acts of vandalism or malicious damage
  • Damage to public property
  • Injuries incurred as a result of a motor accident
  • Hit and run accidents
  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Damage arising from a fire

In such cases, we would need a copy of the Police Report before we process your claim. We will obtain a copy of this ourselves, however in order to speed up the matter we would recommend to collect a copy of the Police report yourself and send it to us.

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