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We have just launched a smartphone app that can assist you during the critical and confusing moment following a motor accident. GasanMamo Claim Easy provides step-by-step easy-to-follow instructions to record important information about an accident, and if necessary, puts you in contact with the police, wardens, or emergency services. 

You can make a voice recording of your statement describing the accident as well as take photos of the accident site, and the damage incurred, and also mark the location. Once completed the GasanMamo claims support team will contact you to follow up and provide all the advice and assistance you may require.

  • Send an accident report to GasanMamo in one easy process using your phone.
  • Step-by-step guide according to the type of accident.
  • Record a statement, collect contact details of other parties, take photos of the accident, and mark the location. 
  • Contact the police, wardens, and emergency services. 

Download the Claim Easy app today from the Apple App Store and Google Play using the links on the images below. 

Claim Easy
Claim Easy APP