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Multi Dwelling Insurance

Multi Dwelling Insurance provides cover for blocks of apartments consisting of several different types of buildings.

When insuring multiple dwellings, such as a block of apartments, it is often more cost-effective to insure as a whole rather than insuring individually.

When a property is insured by a number of separate policies, this can cause problems when a claim is made. In addition, there is no guarantee that a third-party neighbouring property is adequately insured or indeed insured at all.

GasanMamo’s multi dwelling insurance is specifically designed to meet the needs of individual flat owners and/or their respective tenants offering a single, comprehensive, and easy to understand policy at an affordable price.

Multi Dwelling Insurance Cover and Standard Benefits

1. Building and common areas against accidental loss or damage including loss or damage caused by:

  • Fire, explosion and smoke
  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Leakage of water or oil
  • Civil Commotion and malicious damage
  • Impact by any vehicle or animal
  • Storm or flood
  • Lightning, thunderbolt or earthquake
  • Falling trees
  • Aircraft and other aerial devices or articles dropped from them
  • Breakage or collapse of television and radio aerials

2. Breakdown of Machinery in the Common Areas.

3. Liability as the owner or occupier of the buildings

4. Liability towards employees

Automatic Extensions

GasanMamo offers automatic extensions for buildings and common area contents as detailed below:

  • Accidental breakage of glass and sanitary fixtures
  • Accidental breakage of underground service pipes and cables
  • Insurance for Alternative accommodation and/or loss of rent and/or loss of maintenance fees
  • Cover for when you are selling your apartment
  • Cover for Professional fees and other costs
  • Cover for the reasonable and necessary cost in tracing and sourcing a leak
  • Cover for loss of metered water and heating oil
  • Cover for locks and keys
  • Cover for contents in the common areas in the open
  • Cover for mirrors and glass in the common areas
  • Cover for fire extinguishing costs