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Multi Dwelling Insurance Claims

Multi Dwelling Insurance Claims

What to do in the event of an accident

In the event of an accident occurring at your property which could give rise to a claim, it is important that you notify our claims department and/or your insurance broker immediately.

If your claim concerns loss or damage to your common areas, the authorised property administrator needs to contact our office. However, if your claim concerns loss or damage to an individual property, the owner/tenant of the apartment needs to notify us about the claim.

You must take all necessary steps to minimise or contain the loss as much as possible. This includes drying out and cleaning any wet items and removing any undamaged items from the damaged site. Do not dispose of any damaged items prior to informing us.

In the event of theft or malicious damage a report must be made to the nearest police station.

Completing a claim form

Download Claim Form or Complete Online

Relevant documentation will be requested in the event of a claim as noted in the claim form.

On site meetings/surveys

On site meetings/surveys may at times be requested by our claims staff to understand better the nature of your claim in a way to handle your claim as efficiently as possible.

Appointment of consultants or loss adjusters

In certain cases, the need may arise to appoint independent consultants or loss adjusters to assist us in the handling of the claim. Our appointed consultants are independent professionals having vast knowledge and experience in their specific fields.

Appointment of contractors

In instances where you may encounter difficulties in sourcing contractors to obtain a quote and to deliver a service, through our wide network we may be in a position to offer assistance by appointing specific tradesmen to draft reports, give quotes and deliver the service or product you may require.

Third party damages

If you suffer damages to your buildings or contents as a result of the negligence from the part of third parties, please ensure that you contact us immediately and provide us with details of such person(s) as soon as possible. You will also be required to hold them responsible and to invite them to view the damages caused.

Similarly, in case you cause damage or injuries to third parties, it is important that you do not admit liability and all steps are to be taken from your end to minimise the loss and act as if uninsured. You are requested to inform our claims department immediately and give us the opportunity to investigate the matter promptly.

Contact us for guidance

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