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In the event of an accident to your boat for which you wish to submit a claim you are kindly requested to contact us for guidance. Notification can be made by: phone, email or by calling personally at our offices or at any one of our branch network – View Contact Us for details of our addresses and opening hours.

What to do in the event of a claim

In the event of an accident occurring to your boat which could give rise to a claim, it is important that you notify our claims department and/or your insurance broker immediately.

Naturally, you must take all necessary steps to minimise or contain the loss as much as possible. Do not dispose of any damaged items prior to informing us.

In the event of theft or malicious damage a report must be made to the police.

Completing a claim form

Completed claim form (Download Claim Form or Complete Online)

Documentation required

The following documentation will be requested in the event of a claim

  1. Completed claim form (Download Claim Form)
  2. Detailed statement of how the loss occurred
  3. Quotation/s to repair damages
  4. Quotation/s to replace unrepaired items
  5. Other relevant documents, photos and any proof of ownership of the items being claimed
  6. Technical reports (where applicable)
  7. Copy of Nautical Licence

Appointment of a surveyor

Upon notification of the claim we will appoint a marine surveyor to carry out a survey on the boat. The surveyor will also be responsible to approve the repair/replacement costs.

Third party damages

If you suffer damages to your boat as a result of the negligence from the part of third parties, please ensure that you contact us immediately and provide us with details of such person(s) as soon as possible. You will also be required to hold them responsible and to invite them to view the damages caused.

Similarly, in case you cause damage or injuries to third parties, it is important that you do not admit liability and all steps are to be taken from your end to minimise the loss and act as if uninsured. You are requested to inform our claims department immediately and give us the opportunity to investigate the matter promptly.