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Employers Liability Insurance Claims

Employers Liability Insurance Claims

What to do in the event of an accident

In the event of an accident involving an employee which could give rise to a claim, it is important that you notify our claims department and/or your insurance broker immediately. Notifications can be made by phone, email or by calling personally at our offices or at any one of our branch network.

While immediate steps should be taken to provide first aid to the injured party, do not tamper with any evidence which could prejudice our investigations.

It is important that you do not admit liability for the accident and that you notify us immediately of any legal correspondence or other correspondence you may receive in connection with the accident. These should be passed on to us immediately and unanswered.

In the case of serious accidents you will have to report the incident to the Occupational Health and Safety Authority and to the police.

Completing a claim form
Documentation required

The following documentation will be requested in the event of a claim

  • Completed claim form (Download Claim Form)
  • Detailed statement of how the accident occurred by the Manager in charge
  • Internal investigative report by the H & S officer
  • Detailed statements from any witnesses
  • Copy of NI30 Form
  • Copy of employee’s latest payslip and last FS3
  • Medical report and certificates
  • Technical reports (where applicable)
  • Police Report (where applicable)
On site meetings/surveys

On site meetings/surveys may at times be requested by our claims staff to understand better the nature of the accident in a way to handle your claim as efficiently as possible and to determine your liability for the accident in question.

Appointment of consultants or loss adjusters

In most employer liability claims we will appoint a doctor to examine the injured party and follow his/her progress during his/her absence from work. At times it may also be necessary to appoint independent consultants or loss adjusters to assist us in the handling of the claim. Our appointed consultants are independent professionals having vast knowledge and experience in their specific fields.

Contact us for guidance

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