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Here are more details about GasanMamo Insurance:

Our Story

GasanMamo Insurance Ltd is widely recognized as a leading insurance provider in Malta, renowned for its exceptional reputation. This esteemed brand has been earned through a rich and illustrious history. With a presence in the industry for over 50 years, GasanMamo Insurance has established itself as a prominent Maltese insurance company.

The formation of GasanMamo Insurance took place in 1999, resulting from the merger of two prominent insurance providers, Gasan Insurance Agency and Galdes & Mamo Ltd. The visionary Board of Directors of both companies recognized the immense potential of the merged entity, leveraging the benefits of increased critical mass and synergies. This foresight has been greatly rewarded. In 2003, the company successfully transitioned from an agency operation to a fully-fledged insurance company, obtaining a license from the Malta Financial Services Authority to underwrite general insurance business, effective from January 1st of that year.

Since then, GasanMamo Insurance has consistently thrived, bolstering its capital base, achieving impressive top and bottom-line growth year after year. Arguably, GasanMamo Insurance stands as Malta’s most accomplished insurance company.

The remarkable achievements of the company, both in the past and the future, are attributed to its exceptional team of management and staff, which now numbers 180 individuals. By continually investing in their people and cutting-edge systems, GasanMamo Insurance confronts the challenges of tomorrow with unwavering confidence and optimism.

Our Mission

To be a prime operator in Malta’s financial services sector while achieving sustainable growth for all stakeholders and simultaneously maintaining the highest professional standards.

Our Commitment

At GasanMamo we set ourselves a very exacting standard, ensuring that there is real value added in all that we do and deliver. We strive to be the best at whatever we do and to achieve this we invest in our working environment, ensuring that our staff have a space that is conducive to excellence. We invest in training and technology to ensure that our staff have the knowledge and tools to perform to this high standard.

Those who come into contact recognise this positive, professional outlook and the company is proud of its achievements and financial strength.

Our Role in the Community

The company acknowledges its responsibility in meeting its obligations to society at large and acting in such a way as befits a good corporate citizen. The company actively participates at various levels in the micro and macroeconomic fora.

Furthermore, the company supports various entities in the sphere of national heritage, culture, sport, as well as initiatives of a social nature that benefit those in need.