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What We Think


Adding Value – In all that we do we seek to add value, eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy and staying focused on providing adequate cover and assistance in risk management. We see ourselves as partners of our customers who transfer their risk to us. Through our experience we are able to provide invaluable support at underwriting and claims stages. We are aware that the ‘moment of truth” for us is in the way claims are handled and we are committed to applying a dedicated expert team to assist in the claims process. We monitor feedback constantly to ensure that we deliver to the client’s satisfaction.


Being a service company our personnel are our most valuable asset. We nurture staff and strive to provide a positive working environment with regular training being a feature in their working lives. Emphasis is placed on both soft skills and technical knowledge through informal training and attainment of formal qualifications.

The concept of ‘team’ is deep rooted within our culture where everyone is aware that we have a common objective and that fundamentally we have one employer…The Customer.