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Published on the 26th March 2019

Hidden Gems In The Mediterranean

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Hidden Gems In The Mediterranean

Some of the most breathtaking countries in the world make part of the Mediterranean sea. The sea that is connected with the Atlantic ocean has countries from Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Naturally, the Mediterranean is home for many beautiful wonders which everyone knows about like the Pyramids of Egypt or even the Italian food but there is some that are quite hidden and maybe only the travel enthusiasts may know about.

Don’t worry, sit tight, prepare your passports and let’s go through some of the hidden gems in the Mediterranean.

Meteora, Greece

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Image  Source: Greece Travel

Greece is home to one of the most famous tourist attractions in the Mediterranean, Santorini. Not to mention other islands such as Crete or Corfu.

What about the meteoric rock of the name Meteora? Make no mistake, this is no ordinary rock. In fact, during the 15th Century, 24 monasteries remarkably were built considering the means and difficulties in that time and the fact that rock is eroded.

Sadly after World War 2 and the Civil War, Meteora was inhabitable for many of the monks and most monasteries weren’t used anymore as the monasteries suffered huge damage and many pieces of beautiful arts were also stolen.

Now Meteora is preserved and listed by UNESCO as a world heritage and is available for tourists to visit. Things that Meteora is popular for is rock climbing and amazing photography.

Meteora might not be as popular as Acropolis or Parthenon of Athens but is definitely one of the most beautiful hidden gems in the Mediterranean.

Kotor, Montenegro

Montenegro is known, for having some unique style when it comes to towns infrastructure. The country is the main attraction to its extraordinary beaches and the culture which is in place after many years. Especially when you consider the history of Montenegro.

That put aside, Montenegro is the place for one of the most medieval hidden gems in the Mediterranean. The coastal town of Kotor. Found in the Gulf and surrounded by the Mediterranean sea, Kotor is protected by fortifications.

The fortifications were built to protect the people of the town during medieval times. The fortifications were placed for preservation as a world heritage site by UNESCO after the 1979 earthquake in Montenegro.

Kotor is also popular it’s bay and also being close from some amazing mountain in Montenegro such as Mount Lovcen.

The true reason to visit this place must be the medieval structure and it’s an 800-year-old chapel full of Kotori history.

Tetouan, Morocco

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Image Source: Trip Advisor

Morocco is one of the most popular tourist destinations not just in the Mediterranean but in the world. Proof of that is that although the country is in Africa, it’s tradition and food is across europe too.

One particular land often goes forgotten. Surrounded by the Mediterranean sea, you will find Tetouan. One of the most exotic hidden gems in the Mediterranean.

It’s tourist attractions start from the beautiful beaches to its modern living which makes it one of the places with really nice people.

An interesting trivia of this city is that in Berber Language, Tetouan means “Open your eyes”. Truly, you need to see it with your own eyes to believe how beautiful it is.

Built-in 1309 the city was used as a safe haven by pirates after being destroyed in 1400. The Andalusian refugees built the City before getting destroyed again. It continued rebuilding is the reason why it’s known for its modern setting.

Some of the sites in the City are World Heritage but still doesn’t stop tourists or locals to be part of the inspiring history.

Comino, Malta

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Image Source: Malta Uncovered

The Maltese Archipelago is a quite famous tourist attraction due to the fact being in the center and its strong heritage.

Comino is one hidden gem in the Mediterranean that has a really strange fact. It’s population. Only 1 or 2 people live there.

But it wasn’t always like that, in ancient times, coming was a habitable island just like Gozo and Malta before it was attacked by pirates during Roman times.

Those attacks make the island inhabitable for most but also made it as it is today. Famous for the Blue Lagoon and some creativity by the ones that reside there without any electricity or ready-made resources.

It’s beautiful chores also meant for blockbuster movies such as The Count of the Montecristo be filmed on this island.

The trip from Malta to this island is also not that long, while not expensive. It’s beautiful and blue seas make it one of the main attractions while hidden due it’s small infrastructure.

Why hassle?

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The list may be limited but we picked the 4 that you must see with your own eyes to believe it’s beauty, heritage, and story.

Let us know what other hidden gems you may have seen in the comment section below. If you are interested in more Islands around Europe then read our article.