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In the company’s continuous endeavour to support local talent in the field of sports, GasanMamo Insurance, Malta’s leading insurance company is sponsoring 4 players which are part of the Topspin Table Tennis Club. The players, May Zahra, Nicole Cutajar, Antea Cutajar and Nathaniel Debono are currently participating in the 4th Division of the Malta’s National Table Tennis League and are currently in the third place.

A word from GasanMamo

“We see this sponsorship, as a way of supporting our local community and talent and we wish the Topspin Table Tennis Club and its participants success in the league in every way. At GasanMamo Insurance we feel that in order for sports to improve and progress, financial backing is fundamental,” said Mark Mamo, General Manager at GasanMamo Insurance.

The TopSpin Table Tennis Academy

The TopSpin Table Tennis Academy fosters good sportsmanship, interest in and expansion of the sport of table tennis and has the aim of increasing the knowledge and skills of its students, and motivating them to embark on national and international opportunities. By so doing, students are helped to avoid bad habits, while keeping them focused on their academic studies by instilling in them a spirit of competitiveness.

The TopSpin Table Tennis Academy aims at providing the National Association with players that can represent the country in international events and competitions. Through the coaching lessons provided by the coaching team the Academy aims to create the atmosphere for those who want to play just for fun, or those who intend to advance to higher levels.

“Thanks to the support of companies such as GasanMamo Insurance we are able to provide children and youngsters a healthy, clean and safe environment who love the game of table tennis,” said Edward Baldacchino, Director of the Topspin Table Tennis Club.

History of Table Tennis

Table Tennis, which can be classified as a major sport worldwide, with millions of participants, major tournaments, and many other things make the sport a truly class of its own. As a sport that emphasises endurance and reflexes above simple size and strength, people of all ages and genders can play on an equal field. The equipment can be had for a reasonable price, and the sport is played indoors so year-round competition and practice is possible. A game requires only two players at the least, and typically lasts around 15 minutes.

The true origin of Table Tennis is largely unknown, although forms of the sport have been documented as early as the late 1800s in England. The sport started becoming popular around the world in the early 1900s. During this time, the official name of the sport was changed from Ping-Pong™ to table tennis. This was due to copyright conflicts with Parker Brothers, who owned the rights to the name and game of Ping-Pong. Table tennis has evolved significantly since its surprise birth upon the sporting world, acquiring many revisions of rules and seeing an evolution of equipment as technology and playing styles changed. Such refinement only serves as evidence that table tennis is indeed a full-fledged sport, comparable to any of the other classics we behold with reverence.

About GasanMamo Insurance

Able to trace its roots all the way back to 1947, GasanMamo Insurance is one of the leading insurance companies in Malta providing competitively priced and a different range of insurance cover types both offline and online. The insurance cover is various, including vehicle insurance, travel insurance, business insurance and private and family health insurance for both personal and commercial clients through the Maltese Islands. The company recognises the importance of customer value and ensures that it maximises value by keeping insurance premiums as low as possible, yet maintaining the correct balance to provide service that meets the standards set by the company. The company’s slogan or motto, We’re Always There is something everyone abides to. The GasanMamo website offers comprehensive information to every customer and is easy to navigate so customers can get the support they need, when they need it most. Corporate Social Responsibility makes a big part of how GasanMamo Insurance goes about business. The company believes that giving back to people and communities is their duty and serves to enrich lives across the board.