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Business Insurance Policies

GasanMamo offers a comprehensive business insurance policy which is easy to understand in order for you to have well-rounded business coverage.

GasanMamo is one of the leading business insurance companies in Malta offering a wide range of insurance protection to suit all your business needs.

Business Insurance Cover Types and Benefits

Here are the different types of business insurance cover we offer:

Business Property Insurance

Protection against loss and/or damage to physical assets such as buildings, furniture, machinery, equipment, stocks and general contents. Cover is usually available on an All-Risk basis and will include cover for several perils including fire, malicious acts, storm, flood, earthquake and the like. Special covers are available against loss of money, property in transit, equipment breakdowns or stock deteriorations.

Loss of Income Insurance

Interruption of the business following a loss may result in lost production and sales, unhappy customers, pressure on resources, additional costs and, above all, stress.

Business income and being able to cover operating costs are essential to financial survival. This insurance cover will ensure that you are reimbursed to cover the shortfall in income needed to meet costs and still reach anticipated profits during the interrupted period following an insurable loss. It will also cover the extra expense of preventing or minimising a greater loss of profit.

Business Liability Insurance

You or your company may be legally liable for third-party incidents at your business premises. Our policy provides cover for your legal liability towards third parties resulting in bodily injury and/or property damage. Similarly, cover can be arranged for legal liability towards your employees arising for any work-related injuries or deaths occurring on your premises.

Employee Protection Insurance

Employees are your most important business resource. We offer adequate cover to ensure compensation in the event of an accidental employee injury or death. This cover is available under our Personal Accident Insurance section.

Marine Cargo Insurance

We offer tailor made Marine Cargo Insurance policies to cover your company’s imports and exports anywhere in the world.

Why choose GasanMamo For Your Business Insurance?

GasanMamo is one of the leading insurance companies in Malta providing its clients with:

  • Value for money through a comprehensive package that truly adds value to your business
  • Free Risk Management advice including a pre-risk survey by our qualified staff
  • Efficient claims service at a time when you need it most. We will provide you with the immediate assistance from our appointed experts in the various fields such as architecture, carpentry, plumbing, engineering and so on
  • A policy that will provide you with peace of mind to help you concentrate on your day-to-day business activities