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Roadside Assistance – Private Car & Small Commercial Under 3.5 Tonnes

Private Car & Small Commercial Under 3.5 Tonnes

The Comprehensive Private Car Policy includes Roadside Assistance cover at no additional cost.  Other changes in cover have been introduced, such as a free 30-day EU Green Card cover and a reduction in the excess.  Please click here for a Summary of Cover.

Private Car policyholders that have purchased Third Party Only or Third Party Fire & Theft  can extend the cover to include Roadside Assistance for an additional premium of €16.00 (plus document duty).  The extension will also include a reduction in the third party standard excess of €50, plus an assistance and advice service for the recovery of uninsured losses.

The Roadside Assistance cover is subject to specific terms and conditions that can be viewed below. The actual roadside assistance service will be provided by our contractors MET Road Assistance, Mile-End Service Ltd., Bone Street, Mrieħel.

Should you require roadside assistance please call on   2123 4661, 2123 4662 or 7923 4661.

The main benefits of the Roadside Assistance service are:

  1. 24 hour breakdown and towing service all over Malta and Gozo
  2. Free towing to any destination from any point of breakdown
  3. Transport to your home if the vehicle is towed to a repairer’s site during night time
  4. Replacement of battery on site (cost of battery is extra)

The service is subject to the following terms and conditions:

Archived Terms & Conditions: