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We wish to inform our clients that our offices will be closed in the afternoon on Friday, 21st June 2024 for our Team Building event. Our branches will be open on the morning of Saturday 22nd June 2024, except for the Gzira and Mriehel branches. Thank you.

Have you been involved in a traffic accident, or has your car suffered damage or been stolen? GasanMamo Insurance is here to help you.

We are sorry to hear that you have suffered a loss and we are here to help you out with information on what you need to do.

Keep calm!  Check that everyone is safe, and if someone has been injured call Emergency Services on 112.

Download our Claim Easy app for your smartphone.  You will get all the guidance you need in easy-to-follow steps.

Front to rear collisions:  take photos of the collision and of the damages incurred and move the vehicles to a safer place also so as not to obstruct the flow of traffic. Fill in the front to rear form and make sure you get the full details of the other party, tick the boxes in the middle of the form and ensure that the form is signed by both drivers. Keep note of the details of any witnesses. If more than two vehicles were involved in the accident use another form and mark the details of all vehicles on each form, using either the ‘Remarks’ or ‘Sketch’ section.

Other types of collisions:  Call the Wardens on 2132 0202. Make sure that the statement you sign on the wardens’ report is correct. It may be useful to take photos of the collision, the accident site, and the damages incurred.

If someone is injured, government property has been damaged, or the other party leaves the scene of an accident:  call the Police on 2122 4001. It may be useful to take photos of the collision, the accident site, and the damages incurred. If your vehicle has been damaged while parked or else has suffered damage by fire, or has been stolen or damaged during an attempted theft please report the incident to Police on 2122 4001 immediately.

If you accidentally damage your vehicle or it is damaged by flooding or a storm, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can assist you in registering your claim.

If you are not able to drive away your vehicle safely, you should call for roadside assistance.  If you have private car comprehensive cover or you purchased Roadside Assistance cover the service is free of charge. Please contact MET on 2122 7676 or 2122 7979.

Important phone numbers


2132 0202

2122 4001

Roadside assistance (towing)
2122 7676 or 2122 7979.

GasanMamo Claims Office:
2134 5130

Once you leave the site of the accident, you may report this accident through this via the Claim Easy app or through the website by clicking here to complete a claim form.  You may also print a claim form, complete it manually and send it to us. If you need to talk to one of our claims handlers, please contact our Head Office on 2134 5130 or any of our branch offices during office hours.

For any further information, please access the Motor Insurance Claims page.