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Published on the 29th May 2018

How to Save Money on Your Car

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How to Save Money on Your Car

Property aside, a car can be one of the largest investments you make.

With repairs, maintenance and insurance, the costs can soon mount up, and it is understandable that you look for as many money-saving tips as possible.

Here are some of the easiest ways to save yourself money on all aspects of running and maintaining your car.

1. Car insurance

Motor insurance can be one of the largest expenses that come with running your car, but the good news is that there are ways to reduce the cost.

GasanMamo offers Boosh, a service dedicated to providing a lower cost for insurance if you fall between the ages of 18 to 24, giving you an instant 65% discount.

By entering your information on the GasanMamo Motor insurance page, you can get yourself a car insurance quote.

Consider the type of insurance you take out; for an older car, comprehensive might not be needed, and can work out more expensive than third-party cover.

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2. Regular services

It may seem like another expense, but ensuring that your car gets regular servicing can actually save you money in the long run.

By getting it checked over by a mechanic once a year, you can pick up problems and issues before they have a chance to develop into something more serious.

This small investment can be well worth it if it prevents a much larger bill later on!

Find a reliable garage, and make it a key priority to have a service at least once a year.

If possible, it is even better to have two a year, one ready for the winter season when you may need, heavier oil, screen-wash, and other preventative measures to get you through the cold weather.

3. Keep your car maintained

In a similar vein, keeping your car in good condition can help to save money, particularly on fuel.

Tyre pressure and condition, in particular, can have an effect on fuel consumption, saving you money.

Front tyres wear more than rear, so it can be worth rotating regularly to ensure even wear.

Keeping your car in good and roadworthy condition allows you to prevent expensive problems from developing later on.

Check out our essential car maintenance tips for more information.

4. Prioritise usage

It is tempting to hop in the car and use it for very short journeys, as it can be more convenient and time-saving.

To save money, however, it is worth asking yourself if the journey you are taking needs to be by car; can you catch a bus, or carpool with a friend or colleague?

Is the destination within walking distance?

Not only will this improve your fitness and reduce unnecessary congestion on the roads, it can also save you money.

The engine takes a while to warm up, and so proves uneconomical for short journeys; they can end up coming significantly more than a longer journey.

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5. Monitor your driving

Careful driving can also save you money by monitoring fuel consumption.

Avoid harsh, sharp acceleration and braking, maintain a steady speed, and keep an eye on the traffic ahead to prevent having to stop and start consistently.

Plan your journey to ensure that you take the most economical route, and be mindful of the time of day: is there likely to be congestion or traffic on the shortest route?

Could you see time and fuel by taking a slightly less busy road?

Constant stopping and starting puts more pressure on the engine, increasing fuel consumption and emissions.

Similarly, keep an eye on your speed; driving too fast uses more fuel, as does constant changes in speed.

Maintain a steady speed to save yourself the maximum amount of money.

6. Keep hold of your car

Tempting though it may be to upgrade regularly, it is important not to forget that brand-new cars depreciate in value very quickly, meaning that you quickly lose money whenever you purchase something brand new.

By holding on to your car a while longer, or by purchasing a second-hand car, you lose less money on your initial investment.

In addition, be selective when choosing a new car; by spending a little more on something with greater fuel economy or an economical car, and the smallest possible for your needs, you save yourself money in the long run.


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You now have the information you need to save money on your car.

If you need more information, check our GasanMamo Insurance website.