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Published on the 31st July 2018

How To Pack Your Luggage Efficiently

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How To Pack Your Luggage Efficiently

It is something which many of us try to put off for as long as possible and often considered one of the most unwanted parts of the holiday experience.

What to take and what not to, what will be allowed and what won’t, and whether or not you really need that fourth pair of shoes: packing can be the trickiest part of any vacation.

The stress of deciding what to pack for a trip, creating a packing list, deciding what goes in the hold and what is needed in hand luggage…the list of potential issues and beaches is a long one.

Luckily, however, there are handy tips and hints which can ensure that your packing goes like a dream, and will enable you to be organised, sorted, and dreaming of that cocktail on the plane in no time.

Read on for the top tips, and learn how to pack your luggage efficiently.

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1. Don’t waste space

Space is a precious resource when flying, so make sure that you don’t waste it by packing things which will be confiscated.

Make sure you understand exactly what you can take on a plane, and take time to double check amounts and types: yes you can take some liquids, but there is a restriction on sizes.

By double checking what you can and cannot take on board, you do not risk wasting precious space which could be used to squeeze in other essentials!

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2. Be smart with clothing choices

When going on holiday, it can be tempting to assume that you need to take every single item in your wardrobe including shoes and accessories. “just in case.”

In reality, you will likely end up wearing the same few pieces time and again, particularly if you are travelling to a hot country.

Take time to think carefully about the climate in your destination, the activities you will be undertaking, any special occasions or events which you will need to dress up for, any laundry facilities which may be available and other factors which may require a change of clothes.

The look at your wardrobe: are there any pieces which can double up?

Can a skirt be worn with different tops to change the look, or a dress worn twice in different ways?

Once you start experimenting, you may be surprised at how few items you can pack, allowing you to travel light and still create a range of stylish outfits for your trip.

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3. Use your hand luggage

It is a nightmare scenario: you finally arrive at your destination, likely tired from the flight and wanting to reach your accommodation as soon as possible to freshen up.

Waiting at the luggage carousel, you start to see the same pieces coming round again…and again…and again…a while later you are faced with the new that whilst you are preparing to sun it up in Barbados, your bags have ended up in Kazakstan.

A horrible situation, but one which can be alleviated somewhat if you have packed sensibly in your hand luggage.

Make sure you have a basic outfit, including underwear, as well as travel documents, passports, cash and any travel toiletries.

This means you can at least change your clothes, and be ready to tackle getting your cases to your door as soon as possible!

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4. Use space to the best advantage

When packing your clothes for travel, there is often a surprising amount of space hidden in places you wouldn’t expect, including inside shoes and down the sides of cases.

Roll up socks and underwear and place them inside your shoes, which should always go at the bottom of the case.

Clothes should also be rolled and placed with the heaviest at the bottom – this uses the least space and allows you to pack more in.

Don’t forget the extra pockets: most cases will have extra pockets inside and on the front, which are perfect to store items you want to retrieve quickly and easily, without unpacking your whole case.

As an aside, it is worth investing in a luggage scale, allowing you to check the weight of your case at home, and saving any headaches or inconvenience at check in!

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5. Take advantage of your travel insurance

As we have mentioned, lost luggage is a massive headache, and not the ideal way to start your trip.

Luckily, GasanMamo Insurance will cover this as standard.

This can allow you to recover the cost of items if they are lost and never recovered, and can even allow you access to emergency funds if you are stranded without your belongings for a few days.

Travel insurance removes one element of stress, allowing you to kick back, relax, and focus fully on enjoying your holiday!