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Published on the 9th April 2019

5 Future Automobile Technologies

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5 Future Automobile Technologies

What started by Karl Benz, cars looking like a horse carriage developed into an engine that consumes fuel to today cars that can be run on battery.

These changes all happened thanks to technology advancement. And while we are not yet in the era to see flying cars, there are some prominent technologies that will still leave your mind blown.

These technologies aren’t ghosts or far fetched, but technologies that top car producers are working on to implement. What may be costly, will definitely be a thing of the future which everyone can afford.

So here’s a list of technologies that will leave you blown!

Communication between Cars

Yes, that’s right. Technology is being developed so a car is able to communicate with other cars. The point of this technology is to improve the auto stop.

For instance imagine, passing from a crossroad and a car is coming from sight street, the car would be able to stop before colliding.

This technology is also being rumored to be working with traffic lights to make sure that you stop on the red light.

Mind-blowing yet life-saving. Imagine the number of accidents avoided thanks to this technology. It will surely be welcome.

Augmented Reality Display

One of the most frustrations of driving a car is to check the speed and any information given in the dashboard.

However, we are close to saying goodbye to that as new technology is being developed. A windscreen technology was all the important information such as fuel gauge and speed information is given on the windscreen.

It will also include a GPS to help you drive and get to a location without getting lost or confused.

The technology will also have a system to connect with your mobile and let you know if you received a message or someone is calling you.

No one blames you if you are trying to picture it, however, all you need to do is imagine yourself you are ironman but in a car!

Fuel Consuming Tips

Who loves spending money on fuel? No one. Definitely. Surely there isn’t another answer. Now imagine a car which gives you tips to waste less fuel while you are driving.

Yes, it’s on the way. Technologies are being developed so a car can read your driving and instigate what can you do better to improve your fuel consumption.

This is thanks to Artificial Intelligence technology which is getting a bigger share in the technology of cars.

No more googling how to waste less fuel as your car will tell you all about it!

Voice Recognition Car

What was seen a novelty far back for mobiles is still now. It got better and it can definitely read your voice but the use of it still questionable as its more of a commodity then necessary.

However, in-car technology Voice recognition is going to be a welcome addition. What will happen in this technology is that the car register the voice of the driver and if for example, someone calls the driver just need to speak the command such as “pick up”, “hold” which is obviously safer for a driver.

What makes this technology mind-blowing, however, is the fact that can be used to switch on lights and indicators.

Some accidents will be avoided as the driver can just keep his eyes on the road even when they need to switch on any safety precaution.

Airbags That help Stop Cars

During the years airbags helped to avoid a number of deaths during accidents, however, an airbag can still be fatal for the car itself and the blow can be powerful to the driver.

Technology is in advancing stages yet, testing could take years to develop an airbag in the bottom of the car by stopping a crash.

This is done by implementing sensors to detect inevitable crashes with cars. Currently, Mercedes are working and testing a model to improve technology to save cars and life.


Stay Safe with Us

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What other technologies you think are being developed? Let us know in the comments below.

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