Travel Insurance Malta

Travel Insurance is an easy to read and understand insurance policy, competitively priced with very good benefits specifically aimed at covering you against unexpected events that could occur during your trip.

GasanMamo travel insurance in Malta provides a comprehensive range of standard cover and you can purchase additional benefits such as winter sports cover or excess waiver. Wherever you’re going,by getting a holiday insurance from GasanMamo it is easy to protect yourself.

Covers and Standard Benefits

By obtaining GasanMamo Travel Insurance Malta, you can take avail of the standard benefits mentioned below:

  • Loss of baggage and money
  • The cost of purchasing emergency essential replacement items if your baggage is temporarily lost
  • Personal Accident Cover
  • Cancellation & Curtailment of your trip
  • Costs for emergency medical and associated expenses including a hospital cash benefit if you are admitted into a hospital
  • Personal Liability
  • Delayed and/or Missed Departure
  • Loss of Passport

Additional Benefits

We also provide additional benefits such as:

  • Cover for Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess
  • Cover for Golfing
  • Pet Care Cover
  • Winter Sports Cover for equipment, piste closure and ski pack cover
  • 24 hour Worldwide Specialty Assistance Emergency Service
  • Cover for holiday and business trips up to a maximum of 9 months

Optional Wider Cover and Benefits

Clients with advanced travel insurance needs can have optional wider cover and benefits such as:

    • Excess Waiver – You may opt to waive the policy excess against payment of an additional premium. If this option is chosen, any claims will be paid without the deduction of the standard policy excess.
    • Cancellation of Service due to adverse weather conditions and other natural disasters – We will pay for reasonable travel and accommodation expenses necessarily incurred due to the forced extension of your journey and refund of non-recoverable and other pre-paid travel and accommodation charges if the service provided by the ship or aircraft in which you are booked to travel is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions or other natural disasters (including volcanic eruptions). This cover is available at an additional premium.
  • Higher Personal Accident Benefits – You can opt to top up the standard benefits for Personal Accident Insurance to ensure you are adequately covered.