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Road Licence

We are now able to renew your road licence directly with Transport Malta (TM).

We are able to renew licences only where:

  • The vehicle is a Private Car, Commercial Vehicles, Motor Cycle or Collector Car
  • There are no changes to the name and address of the licence holder
  • There are no changes to the vehicle details
  • Your vehicle has successfully passed the Vehicle Roadworthiness Test
    (Check whether VRT is due by clicking here) and no discrepancy form was issued. Should the a Discrepancy Form be issued after a VRT is conducted, license renewal is not possible through the online service. We can however forward your license payment to Transport Malta on your behalf. In this case, please send a separate cheque payable to ‘Transport Malta’ to pay for the road license together with the original Discrepancy Form and your vehicle’s Logbook. Please note that the renewal process may take longer than usual in this instance.

You can ask us to renew your road licence, together with the renewal of your motor insurance policy. All you need to do is:

  1. Check whether you have any pending contraventions on the vehicle.
    You can do this through the Local Enforcement System website.
  2. Check whether you have any pending CVA (Controlled Vehicular Access) bills. You can do this by contacting the CVA Helpdesk on Tel: 22 064 000 or Transport Malta Customer Care on: 80 072 309, or visit the respective websites: or
  3. By contacting our offices on 21 345 123.

Click here if you wish to renew the road licence yourself.