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If you are travelling by your motor vehicle abroad, check your motor insurance well ahead of your travel date. If you fail to make this check, you could incur additional expenses if you have an accident overseas.

Minimum Third Party Cover

Maltese motor insurance policies provide the minimum third-party liability cover required by law in all EU member states, plus the UK, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland & Liechtenstein.  This means you can travel to these countries without the need for an International Certificate of Insurance (“Green Card”), however, we can issue you with one if you ask us, for no charge.  If you are travelling with your vehicle to a country that is not mentioned above a “Green Card” is mandatory otherwise, you will not be allowed in.   You will therefore need to contact us so that the necessary arrangements can be made.  The cover can be provided at an additional premium depending on the duration of your journey and the countries you will be visiting.

Private Car Comprehensive Cover

If you have a private car comprehensive policy your car will be covered in the same for loss or damage when being driven abroad for a  maximum period of  30 days in any one period of insurance when travelling with your car within the EU.  You are however required to inform us prior to departing and we will need to issue a confirmation of cover before this cover is effective.    If you are travelling outside the EU, you will need to extend your cover.

No Automatic Extension for your Own Damage

For all other types of policies,  you will not have cover for loss, theft or damage to your vehicle while motoring abroad.   If you have a Comprehensive or a Third-Party Fire and Theft policy, you have the option of applying to extend the damage cover for when you are travelling abroad. An additional premium will be charged depending on the duration of your journey and the countries you will be visiting.   If you buy this cover this will mean that you will have the same cover in the countries you will be visiting as you normally have in Malta.

Carry a Green Card!

A Green Card is not necessary when travelling in the  EU  or the countries mentioned above, but it serves as proof of insurance which is internationally recognised, making it easier for you in the event of an accident.   Should you not have a Green Card with you, make sure you’re carrying your certificate of motor insurance.    It is necessary to carry one if driving in all other countries.   Please note that although most  European countries,  and some countries bordering the  Mediterranean,  are members of the  Green  Card system,  a few are not.   If you are travelling to countries outside the system, you will need to buy motor third-party liability insurance at the border.  Click here to view a map of the system.

Other Important Documents

Do not forget to take your valid driving license and your vehicle registration document (“logbook”) with you.    If you are driving outside the EU, you may need an International Driving Permit which you can obtain from Transport Malta.  You will also need a “European Accident Form” which you are to complete if you are involved in an accident and which we can provide upon request.  We also recommend you read the document available here that provides some useful advice on driving abroad.  The GoingAbroad app for your phone provided by the European Union provides very useful information about motoring abroad in an accessible manner.

Roadside Assistance

If your car is unable to be driven, you can make use of the roadside assistance service provided by our partners hlpy.  The service is available when driving in any EU member state and the primary aim is to either repair your vehicle on-site or else to two to the nearest approved repair facility.   It is granted automatically with the  30-day  overseas cover granted under the  Comprehensive  Private  Car policy.   If you have another type of policy,  you can purchase the Roadside Assistance Cover for a fee of €15 (plus document duty and policy fee).   For instructions on how to use the service and the terms and conditions applicable, please click here.   Please remember that if you request the service and you do not have the cover you will be charged by hlpy.


If you are involved in an accident

If you are involved in an accident you will need to inform the police if there are any persons who suffer an injury.  It is important to take down the details of any third-party vehicles and drivers and of the police as we will need to obtain a  copy of the report.   In less serious accidents you can make use of the European Accident Form, which is a form like the Front-to-Rear form used in Malta.  We can provide you with a copy upon request.  We also suggest that you record details of the accident and report them to us using the GasanMamo Claim Easy app on your smartphone.

If you need assistance, please call us on +356 2134 5130 (office hours) or you may get in touch with our claims representative in that country.   A  list of Claims Representatives for GasanMamo abroad can be found here.