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If you are travelling by car abroad, check your motor insurance well ahead of your travel date. If you fail to make this check, you could incur additional expenses if you have an accident overseas.

Minimum Third Party Cover

Maltese motor insurance policies provide the minimum third party cover required by law in all Designated states.

No Automatic Extension for your Own Damage

Motorists may be given a false sense of security about the adequacy of their insurance arrangements when they travel abroad in light of minimum third party cover being available to them.

Automatic cover provided by your Maltese insurance policy is limited to liability for damage caused to third parties. Your Maltese insurance policy will not cover loss, theft or damage to your vehicle while motoring overseas. If you have a Comprehensive or Third Party Fire and Theft policy, then you should still apply for an overseas extension if you are travelling abroad. By doing this you are asking your insurer to extend the policy so that you have the same cover in the countries you will be visiting as you normally have in Malta.

Carry a Green Card!

A Green Card is not necessary when travelling in the EU, but it serves as proof of insurance which is internationally recognised, making it easier for the holder to claim compensation in the event of an accident. Should you not have a Green Card with you, make sure you’re carrying your certificate of motor insurance.

Note that presentation of a Green Card is necessary when travelling outside the EU. By applying for Green Card cover, you will be extending your minimum third party insurance cover for the countries where Green Cards are valid, and if you have a Comprehensive or Third Party Fire and Theft policy, you will be extending that protection to the countries you visit. Insurance companies charge for a Green Card or similar overseas extension because they are providing you with extra protection. This is why the cost varies with the length of your trip and the countries you visit.

Obtaining a Green Card

Your insurer or his insurance agent will provide you with a Green Card. He will also tell you what cover is provided. This is important, because the cover provided varies from insurer to insurer. Most overseas extensions for example, cover ferry journeys. If a vehicle is wrecked or stolen, in some countries, the authorities may demand import duty from the owner. This is covered by many policies, but not all. If there are any significant omissions from the cover, the insurer and his agent will advise on what action the motorist should take.

Other Important Documents

Do not forget to take your valid driving license and your vehicle registration document log book with you. You will also need a “European Accident Form” which you are to complete if you are involved in an accident. Your insurer is able to provide you with this form.

Other Motor Vehicles

Although we are talking about motor cars on this page the same conditions apply to motor cycles or any kind of motor vehicle. The golden rule is: if you are planning to travel abroad, check your insurance position with us.

Please refer to our list of Claims Representatives for GasanMamo abroad.