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Published on the 1st October 2019

What to Consider for Your Garden During Winter

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What to Consider for Your Garden During Winter

As the temperature gets colder and the days become significantly shorter, it is essential for any garden lover to prepare for the winter months and everything that the season has in store to for your garden!

Here are some tips that could be particularly beneficial when maintaining your garden in winter.

Collect Fallen Leaves!

This will help in preventing any slippery pathways. This will ensure that there will be no unwanted falls whilst casually walking along your garden. It is important to not throw these leaves away, as leaf matter can be composted!

Take Care of your Garden’s Wildlife

The garden is not just for you and your family members to enjoy, but a lot of animals and small critters find refuge and call your garden their home; and there is no reason you can’t coexist peacefully.

If you take care of your garden and its wildlife, it will then return the favour. It is important to feed the birds that live in your garden, they will need all the help they can get during the colder wintertime. Why not leave out some furnishings for the wildlife to enjoy, such as bird feeders and water baths?

If you are having any form of a bonfire or small fires, make sure that there are no hibernating animals nearby, – paying particular attention to any  hedgehogs which may be in the vicinity; or any birds nests.

A healthy ecosystem in your garden also requires insects. Insects enrich and help the soil, while also pollinating plants; Creating a small habitat where they can take refuge in for winter will go a long way with the protection and preservation of your garden!

Repair Structures

It is easier to repair any garden structure before the winter cold hits and darkness come early.

Make sure to undertake any repairs well in time to be prepared for the winter months!!

Keep a lookout on any rotting timber and/or pest infestations. Treat these situations accordingly.

Winter will offer its many challenges so you must be prepared for whatever comes your way. Maintaining the garden’s structure will prevent any unnecessary work which you would have to do either in the cold when it’s wet or in the dark.

Clear Up Ponds or Any Other Water Features

Having a fountain clog up in winter can be one of the most tedious jobs you would have to carry out.

Autumn is the ideal time to clean the murky water, especially if there are animals and critters living in the feature.

One thing that you need to make sure is to not allow the surface of the pond/fountain to freeze over. A simple ball floating on the surface will help with this problem.

To-Do List

Keep a to-do list, and update it regularly. This will help in reminding you of what needs to be done during the week to keep your garden in top condition.

Be disciplined and do not become lazy, otherwise, your garden will start to decline, and all the effort you have put into it will go to waste.

Having your garden in top condition will also help you in creating new ideas on what you can do to it to improve, and maybe expand, by adding certain plants, features or structures.

You cannot do this if you are always fixing something that hasn’t been given your full attention.


Maintaining a garden is a lot of work, especially in the wintertime, but it is definitely rewarding.

Make sure to carry out some research on other modes of helping your plants during winter and be sure to be disciplined!

If you let your garden go, the decline will be swift so stay committed – after all, it would be a shame to see all your hard work go to waste.

Always keep a note of what you need to do with regards to daily, weekly and monthly tasks in order to keep your garden in the best shape it can be. 

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