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Published on the 22nd August 2017

Top 5 Accidents at the Workplace

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Top 5 Accidents at the Workplace

Office jobs can be more dangerous than they might seem. From simple bumps and slips to more serious injuries here are the most common workplace accidents and injuries that people in an office environment find themselves face-to-face with.

We have also added some tips of how you can avoid such unfortunate events, just in case!

Sometimes it’s just a simple matter of clumsiness or leaving things in the way, not placing things back in their proper place – perfect for accident scenarios. After reading this article we hope you will not face any workplace injuries anymore.


What is the primary cause of workplace accidents?

What are the causes of accidents in the workplace?

How to prevent workplace injuries?

Let’s talk about these questions and find solutions!



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Falling is the most frequent cause of workplace accident.

There are numerous possibilities and a variety of reasons why one may fall, which are not reserved to the main corridors or walkways. There’s the wet floor scenario, and we know that those signs don’t always do the trick, because people walk past anyway.

How about the extremely slippery floor just after it’s been buffed? Literally, an accident waiting to happen for anyone in stilettos…it might be funny to anyone watching but it’s certainly painful.

Tripping in the office can occur in so many ways. There are those loose charging cables, carpet edges or low cabinets that have been left open. This is a really simple accident, yet it can be very serious especially if you end up banging your head on the table or piece of apparatus.

The stairways…those stairways. You’re usually so cautious, but it’s that day you’re wearing the long bell-shaped trousers, or the time you have to run to the door from the office upstairs, that when your foot hits the edge of the step and you don’t catch yourself.


Sometimes it’s just a little bit of common sense that you need, stop to think about your safety and look where you’re walking or running.


Lifting heavy objects

This one is the most common example of shop injury.

Lifting boxes full of papers or stationary or computer equipment can seem like an easy and simple enough task but the weight can really take one aback!

Before lifting anything make sure to assess what the contents are to see if you’re capable of lifting such items without causing an injury, if not simply split your loads.


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Being struck by objects

Now this might seem strange but when you stop to think about it, it isn’t the first time you or someone else has thrown a pencil, pen-drive or some other object across the room.

Being struck across the head can be extremely dangerous, a bad accident at work and may even lead to concussions. Tools and materials at your workspace should be use with extrem prudence.



In an office there are machines and chemicals that one comes in contact with. The machines may overheat or the burner in the staffroom might still be hot. Brushing exposed skin across such surfaces might cause mild to serious burns.

Certain chemicals might also cause burns in various ways. If they are airborne, and employees are excessively exposed then it might burn their airways.

Be sure to place signs for employees to note that things might be overheating especially if you work in a industrial departement.


Chair related injuries

One of the most common causes of injury comes from mishaps with chairs – repetitive strain injury caused from improper posture, swinging back on chairs, not using chairs at an appropriate height for your computer…the list goes on and on. It is something simple enough to consider, something we may not think is a big deal – but do ensure that your office chair is right for you to ensure your comfort and – more importantly – your health. Some people also prefer stand to work.


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Here was our list of most common accidents at the workplace.

Whatever accident may occur at the workplace, ensure your employees are protected and you are covered, with our comprehensive business insurance.