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protect your home with GasanMamo Insurance

Have you ever wondered how secure your house really is? We often don’t think of external threats to our homes unless we’ve heard of stories from neighbours, family and the local media. Whilst home insurance can protect your home from theft you can also do your part to keep your home protected. Here’s a list of top tips on how to protect your home from intruders

Time Your Lights

Switching on your lights when you’re heading out for the night is a well-known trick. Instead, you can time your lights in different rooms to switch off and on at different times. This will make it seem as though someone is moving from one room to another so the burglars won’t know for sure whether or not someone is at home, so they won’t risk breaking and entering.

Installing motion sensor lights, which work automatically, is another great burglar deterrent since they show the people who live around you what’s going on outside your home during night-time.

Invest In An Alarm

Yes, it’s true that alarms can be expensive, but making a small investment can go a long way since you’ll be able to protect your home from burglars and lessen the likelihood of using your home insurance to cover theft.

Make sure that the alarm you install is visible to deter burglars from entering your home. Alarms nowadays can connect to your mobile device so you’ll be notified immediately if someone breaks into your home.

Lock Your Home

This may seem obvious but it’s surprising how many people leave their doors and windows unlocked because they only leave the house for a short period of time.

This is especially true for sliding doors and windows since they’re easy to slide off the frame. Luckily you can buy sturdy locks for both windows and doors that will make it harder for the thief to enter your home.

Don’t Give Them Your Key

You wouldn’t leave your front door wide open but we’ve all certainly done the “key behind the flower pot” trick.

Leaving your key behind a flowerpot is just like handing your key to a thief, which would result in using your home insurance to bounce back from the damage caused. Instead of hiding your key, you can give it to a neighbour you trust or a family member who leaves nearby.

Don’t Broadcast Your Entire Life

Thieves are good at what they do because they watch your every move before making their move. Don’t make it easier for them by broadcasting every aspect of your life online, especially if you’re going out for the day or going on holiday. If you’re going on holiday it’s also a good idea to have a neighbour or family member visit your house on a regular basis to clean out the mailbox.

Theft isn’t the first thing you think about when buying a home and this might make home insurance seem like a convenience instead of a necessity.

Knowing how to protect your home from intruders is important to us at GasanMamo Insurance, that’s why we provide home insurance plans that will keep your family protected in the place you’re meant to feel safest.