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buy a car

Would you like to buy a car online? There are many options from visiting a showroom to even buying your car online. If you’re choosing the latter option make sure you follow our handy guide to buying a car online.

New VS Old

You’ve probably made this decision well ahead, but knowing what you’re looking for will definitely make buying a car a whole lot easier. Similarly you should have your maximum budget in mind to help you find what you’re looking for. New cars and old cars will be on different websites – so if you’re looking for a secondhand car it’s worth looking on classified websites where people buy and sell used items. If you’re looking for a new car your efforts should be more focused on visiting dealership websites.

Pick a Reputable Website

Think about it – would you buy car insurance from a dodgy looking website? Us neither, and the same should apply for a car. If the website hasn’t been updated in awhile, doesn’t have the necessary information and you can’t find the dealerships or past owners contact details anywhere it’s safe to say that the cars on that website aren’t what they seem to be.

Check Out the Photos

If you’re not going to be able to have a look at the car in person before you buy it then make sure you have enough photos as possible to make an informed decision. If you’re buying a car from outside of Malta make sure that the owner has sent you as many images as possible. This doesn’t just apply to the exterior of the car but also the interior, ending up with a dirty and worn down interior would definitely make the risk you think not worth it.

Set up a Meeting

Whether it’s to test drive a car, or complete a sale it’s always a good idea to set up a meeting with your potential seller or dealership. You’ll be able to verify whether the information you found online is true and you’ll also be able to take a better look at your potential purchase.