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Boat Insurance Malta

Regardless of whether it is a motorboat, yacht, paddleboat or canoe, there are some basic principles of boat safety which should always be adhered to. The first is that a lifejacket should be worn at all times. Although it may not seem completely necessary depending on circumstance, you never know what might happen. As the old adage goes, better safe than sorry.

Boat License

Should you be operating a boat yourself, you should be in possession of a boat license. A boat license usually includes a boat safety course which is designed to teach people how to think and act both quickly and appropriately in the event of trouble. Other scenarios you will learn how to deal with include operating a vessel in busy waters, correct maintenance procedures, first aid and more.

Avoid Substances

Another thing a boat operator should do is refraining from becoming intoxicated with drugs or alcohol. Just as it is irresponsible to behave in such a way when driving a car, it is similarly so when operating a boat. Don’t do it.

Stick to the Speed Limits

Speed limits, as applicable, should be obeyed in marinas, bays and other areas where high velocity could pose a hazard to other boats, swimmers or your own boat. You should also be familiar with mooring procedures and how to moor without bringing harm to yourself or others, as well as all other regulations imposed in the particular area you are boating in.

Know the Weather

Further precautions you should take while boating includes knowing the weather forecast before setting off. Carrying first aid and safety kits on your journey is also imperative.

Keep a set of oars handy

Oars should also be aboard your boat regardless of whether it is motorised or not – you never know when you could run into mechanical trouble. Objects to attract attention, such as flares and whistles, are also a good idea – especially the latter travelling at night.

Take extra provisions

Finally, take an extra change of clothes, extra food and water to what you think you will need and plenty of sun cream, which will definitely not go amiss during the heat of the Maltese summer.

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