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Winter is on its way and everyone is preparing themselves. Our summers may be harsh, but when winter comes around, people end up freezing inside their homes. So how can you prepare yourself for a Maltese winter? Let’s see if we can help you with these tips to keep it cosy and warm inside your house without using any electricity!


Decorate the Floor with Carpets

This is a handy and creative way to keep your house warm. In summer it would be too warm for carpets, but during the winter months, they are ideal. It keeps the heat from escaping through your tiles. It will also prevent you from having cold feet.





These are a real must have in any house during the winter. Place the blankets everywhere: on your sofa, on your seat and on your bed. So, whenever you are feeling a little bit cold you can grab a blanket and cover yourself in it.



Draft Stoppers

Doors create many gaps for the wind to blast inside the house. Draft stoppers are the solution for this problem. They sit beneath the door, or window, and they make sure that the wind won’t blast inside your house any longer, this will keep the warmth indoors.

Draft Stopper


Leave the Oven Door Open

After making a delicious lasagne, most people close the oven, but why should you do that? Leave It open so the heat of the oven can spread in to your kitchen. This will ensure you from a warm and cosy kitchen.


Open the Curtains

When the sun is shining, take advantage of it. Leave the curtains open all day so the sun can heat up your house. It will also provide you with a nice warm spot in front of your window. But when the evening is starting to fall, make sure you close the curtains so the heat won’t escape out of your house through the windows.




We hope these tips were helpful to you so that you won’t get freeze inside your own home. Remember that throughout the seasons, we have always got you covered with our home insurance!