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Published on the 13th October 2015

Extreme Car Modifications

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Extreme Car Modifications

There are plenty of extreme car modifications out there, with the most obvious being body kits that make the cars wearing them close to undrivable, together with enormous rear wings on cars which are neither driven by the right wheels nor produce enough power to warrant having one.

Here are some of the most extreme car modifications:

Games Console in Dash, Controller in Steering Wheel

No excuses to your car insurance company in the event they catch you playing one of these while driving! Custom car shows have played host to many a car with a games console in the dash, from PlayStations to Xboxes and beyond.

There’s even a complete kit you can install in your car, which features a slot for an Xbox 360 in your car’s dashboard, green LEDs and a controller in the steering wheel. Furthering this trend are of course monitors sticking out of every orifice imaginable, and an over-the-top sound system.

Smart Tank

Possibly one of the silliest modifications we’ve come across on the World Wide Web is the man who turned his Smart car into a tank, complete with tracks and a camouflage paint job.

If the objective was to intimidate people, then this guy most certainly has failed at it. Smart cars and aggressive just don’t really fit in the same sentence, do they? Imagine telling your car insurance company that you’ve retrofitted your Smart car with a tank’s running gear…

Flame-Throwing Security

An alarm is far from an uncommon thing to have and is recommended by most car insurance companies, but having one which spits out flames when would-be intruders approach your vehicle is a whole different kettle of fish. Attaching flamethrowers to your car is of dubious legality.

However, South Africans took it upon themselves to begin using these devices after a massive spate of carjacking took off in their country. This modification appears even sillier due to the risk posed to both drivers and casual passers-by.

Silly Limousine Extensions

While limousines are usually associated with glitz, glamour and one hell of a night out or two, there are some limousine examples out there in this world which leave a lot to be desired. The most obvious examples that come to mind are the ones that the former Top Gear presenters built as part of one of their many challenges over the years.

Jeremy Clarkson’s Fiat Panda was stretched to over 47 feet before he had to reduce it to under 40 feet to make it legal to drive on British roads. Car insurance on your Fiat Panda limousine, anyone? Just kidding!

Extreme Camber

Camber is the process of tilting the top surface of a car’s tyre toward or away from its wheel arches. The former is called negative camber, while the latter is called positive camber. Doing either to a reasonable degree gives racing cars added performance, however, when it comes to street cars, tuners have taken camber exclusively into the realm of aesthetics.

That’s why it’s not uncommon to attend a car tuning show overseas and wonder how some of the cars on display actually turn their wheels or drive anywhere at all. The ridiculous degrees of negative camber that some of these cars have means their wheel arches have to be stretched, and they go through a set of tyres in what seems to be every three minutes.

The Effect of Modification on Car Insurance

Extreme car modifications must be declared by the car’s owner to his or her insurer. This is because undeclared modifications can result in a car insurance policy being null and void in the event of an accident.

Should you own a modified car, it is recommended that you employ a surveyor to take note of the modifications prior to an insurance policy being issued on that vehicle. In the event of an accident, doing the latter can help you obtain a payout which is more in line with the car’s true value in light of the modifications.

Secure Your Modifications with Tailored Car Insurance

Before you embark on your car modification journey, it is essential to ensure that your vehicle is shielded by comprehensive car insurance. Discover GasanMamo’s specialised cover designed to safeguard your unique ride.

Drive with confidence knowing your extreme modifications, and your car is protected with GasanMamo.