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Published on the 28th June 2016

Common Accidents at Home

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Common Accidents at Home

When we think of accidents, our home isn’t exactly the first thing that springs to mind, after all our home is where we feel safest. However accidents at home are all too common, here’s our list of common causes of accidents in the home.


Perhaps one of the things that scare many homeowners, a house fire can cause extensive damage to a home. Unfortunately, house fires are a common accident that can happen at home. The cause of a house fire can be an electrical fault, an uncontrollable open fire whilst cooking and even leaving electrical equipment like hair straightens running whilst unattended.

The best way to avoid a house fire is to make sure that all appliances are working properly and to install a fire alarm system. Of course, when cooking on an open flame it helps to be extra cautious, not to mention the added safety of having a fire blanket in the kitchen. Being that little bit cautious can save you a lot of money should anything go wrong.


Ever hit an electrical switch when your hands were still wet or damp? Now that’s certainly not the safest thing to do. Electricals are one of the top causes of accidents in the home, whether it’s an overloaded socket or a faulty home appliance. To avoid electrical accidents make sure that the electrical appliances are checked regularly.

If you’re using an extension to connect electrical equipment be careful that the electric socket is not overloaded. If an appliance isn’t working the way it should stop using it and have it checked immediately, as it could cause a big accident, which will cost you a lot of money in the long run.

Slip and Fall Accidents

An unorganised home can cause all kinds of accidents, which could end up harming both your health and your home.

Tripping and falling in the home is the most popular accident to happen in the home. Leaking pipes can lead to water in unexpected places, whilst electrical wires which aren’t well-organised are most definitely a fall waiting to happen. Keeping things in your home organised is important not only for your own personal health but also to avoid accidents such as fires and even electrocution.

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