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Published on the 24th February 2020

Beginners guide on performing your own car service

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Beginners guide on performing your own car service

There can be a plethora of different reasons for owning a vehicle. This is because the modern vehicle is not necessarily a luxury item that is only owned by people that have a certain status. Practically everyone has a vehicle of their own. The main reason for this is the convenience factor, which is then often coupled with a feeling of personal control, and autonomy that comes with not having to rely on public transportation for daily commutes. However, like owning most things in life, vehicles require a certain amount of maintenance in order to maintain the capacity of using them for a longer time. This is precisely the subject matter that we shall discuss below – a guide on performing your own car service. This will be of particular use to beginners.

Exterior of the Vehicle

It is pivotal to avoid assuming everything with your vehicle is ok just because you haven’t had any noticeable incidents while driving. Take a walk around and check if there are any cracks in the windows or any indents in the body of the vehicle. Solving any problems related to body damage will help ensure that these do not amplify as time goes by, especially when it comes to common issues like rust. Check your wiper blades, ensuring they are in good shape, and make the necessary efforts to change them if need be. 

Tire Pressure 

Paying attention to your tires is something that definitely should not be ignored or delayed. Making an effort to look through your vehicle’s manual can help you figure out that every vehicle has a recommended pressure for its tires. It is important that you find yours and maintain it at least once a week, or even on a daily basis, if possible. Doing this will ensure your vehicle’s safety, efficiency, and comfort, as well as save you money in the long run, as they will last longer. 

Brake Fluids

When it comes to newer vehicles, the automatic transmission is sealed. However, when it comes to older vehicles, warm up the engine, and check the transmission dipstick (see the owner’s manual for more details), and the level in the brake-fluid reservoir. This is because, if it is too low, it must be topped up.

Tread Depth

The best example we can think of to explain the importance of this is by comparing the need for functioning tires in the real world with the treatment of tires by racers.

Although this seems like an unlikely comparison, there is value in drawing parallels between these two particular scenarios. It is important to understand that in the same way that racers have a pit crew who change the tires every time, there is a weather change, in the real world, it is pivotal to ensure that your tires can function in all weather conditions, be it wet, dry, or freezing cold.

Check your Brakes

This is of utmost importance when owning a vehicle. If the brakes fail to work properly, it can be caused by some of the following: the rotors, the brake pads, the brake fluid, and the brake pedal. During a car service, examiners even frequently ask students to prove that they are able to check the brake pads, and for leaks, as these are the two most common problems related to the brakes.

The worst-case scenario that you may have seen in a movie is that someone can’t stop their car because their brake lines were cut. Although few of us can say that we have experienced this, if we are unaware of, or ignore a possible problem with the brakes, we can find ourselves in an accident. 

Keep it Covered 

This is a very simple solution, and investing in a good cover can have a major impact on maintaining your vehicle. This is because harmful radiation and weather can take their toll on your vehicle. So, keeping your vehicle out of the reach of sunlight, trees, and birds can help your paint and interior remain in good condition


Even though maintaining your vehicle can seem like a hassle sometimes, learning to perform your own car service is well worth it, and is useful for many reasons, mainly for your wallet, your time, and your peace of mind.

However, regardless of your efforts, accidents happen sometimes. So, it is important to keep yourself informed of what to do and to keep a calm demeanour when these circumstances arise. A tip would be to keep your mechanic, tools, and fuel services at arm’s length.

Accidents can be expensive, so have a look at our car and motor insurance package to cut unnecessary costs in the long run.

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