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Published on the 1st March 2024

Accidental Damage Cover: Everything You Need to Know

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Accidental Damage Cover: Everything You Need to Know

Damage to your home or contents is sadly one of those inevitable facts of life, which is why around 76% of Maltese citizens take out an insurance policy. When it comes to making a claim, it’s important to be aware of exactly what you’re covered for. The details of a regular policy will incorporate this, but breakages caused by misfortune may not necessarily be included. Accidental damage cover is something all homeowners need to understand when they’re considering a policy.


  • What is Accidental Damage Cover?
  • What is Not Covered by Accidental Damage?
  • Is it Worth Having Accidental Damage on Home Insurance?
  • Can I Claim for a Broken TV on House Insurance?
  • Conclusion

What is Accidental Damage Cover?

In the world of home insurance, an accidental damage policy covers you for misfortunes that may affect your house or its contents. It may include the likes of spilling a bottle of red wine on your prize settee, or dropping an iPad on your kitchen tiles and smashing the screen.

Accidental damage is not usually covered by regular buildings and contents insurance. An optional extra cover is normally payable, and it’s important to note that most insurance companies treat accidents as strict ‘one-offs’. 

A study showed that as many as 28% of insurance claims are related to accidents, so should you ever have a mishap, you’re certainly not alone.

Infographic to show that A study showed that as many as 28% of insurance claims are related to accidents, for the blog Accidental Damage Cover: Everything You Need to Know

What is Not Covered by Accidental Damage?

Pet damages will rarely be covered. Nor will any problems that can be attributed to natural wear and tear, or a lack of maintenance from yourself. Should a window fall out and smash because of water damage to its frame – and you’ve failed to carry out the necessary repairs – an accidental damage insurance policy won’t cover you.

Accidents caused by structural damage may or may not be covered, depending on the nature of the damage. Homeowners have a responsibility to maintain the structure of their property, and if accidents occur as a result of neglect or improper maintenance, it’s unlikely you’ll be covered. For more information, read our article on Does Home Insurance Cover Structural Damage?

Furthermore, any accidents that occur as a direct result of perils not covered by your standard policy are also unlikely to be claim-worthy. Perils may include fire or storm damage. It’s recommended to double-check the list of perils included on your standard buildings and contents insurance to ensure you know your rights.

Should an accidental breakage occur to your possessions when you’re away from home – such as dropping your iPad on the pavement – you’ll only be covered if your contents insurance includes damage to personal possessions.

Is it Worth Having Accidental Damage on Home Insurance?

Accidental damage insurance usually comes as an additional premium to your regular policy. The choice is ultimately up to you, and you should consider the potential risks against the higher charge. Making a claim for an accident may also increase your premium when the time comes to renew it. However, many take out accidental damage policies for the additional peace of mind they bring – we all make mistakes, and we all suffer mishaps.

For anyone spending long amounts of time in their home – such as parents, less able persons, or remote workers – the addition of accidental damage cover is worth extra consideration. Statistics show that claims rose by 35% during the pandemic, largely as a result of more people being unable to leave their properties.

Can I Claim for a Broken TV on House Insurance?

With televisions being a focal point of many homes, the legalities of claiming for a broken one is an often-asked question. The answer is, it depends. Should your TV stop working from old age or mistreatment, you won’t be covered.

However, if the television is damaged due to a cause clearly-stated in your policy, you’ll likely be able to claim on it. And should your TV succumb to unintentional damage, you should be able to claim, providing you have sufficient additional cover.

Another often-queried item concerns air-cooling devices. Find out more with our post on Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Air Conditioning Units?


To know your own standing when it comes to basic home insurance cover, check through the finer points of your policy. It should contain a list of stated perils. These will include all of the items you’ll be covered for, as well as occurrences that can result in you having to make an accidental damage claim.

At GasanMamo, your level of cover can be upgraded to cover accidents by paying an additional premium. The issue of damage and causation may seem a complex one, but your policy will tell you all you need to know.

Begin your own search for the right plan by looking through our clear and transparent benefits on our home insurance page.

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