Please see below for a list of common questions about our policies. If you have a question that is not answered below, please Contact Us.

Who can apply for this type of policy?

Property owners who intend to rent out their property for residential purposes.

What are the advantages of the Landlord Insurance Policy?

  • One single policy, tailor made for Landlords.
  • Competitive premium.
  • A policy which is easy to read and understand.
  • Protection of Rental Income

How do I establish the Sums to be insured under the Landlord Insurance Policy?


The Sum Insured should represent a calculation of the full rebuilding cost (not market value) which ignores wear, tear and depreciation but includes fixtures and fittings, boundary walls, gates and fences.

Landlord’s Contents

The Sum Insured should represent the full value of all household contents, belonging to you including fitted kitchen and built – in appliances.

Rent Guarantee

The Sum Insured should represent the maximum monthly rent income.

Is my liability towards third parties covered under the Landlord Insurance policy?

Yes it is. As the Landlord of the property rented out you have certain responsibilities at law.

The Public Liability section will protect your liability at law in the event that a tenant is injured on your premises. This section also covers your liability for loss or damage to your neighbouring premises as a result of an incident that is caused through negligence or omission on your part.