Please see below for a list of common questions about our policies. If you have a question that is not answered below, please Contact Us.

What does private medical insurance cover?

Private medical insurance is health insurance, which provides cover for private medical treatment for an acute condition (a disease, illness or injury that is likely to respond quickly to treatment.)

What are the advantages of private healthcare?

As a private patient you can often choose when treatment will take place, the specialist who treats you, and the hospital. You will usually have the privacy of an en-suite room complete with TV and other home comforts. Should you choose to take up a full refund plan, a direct settlement facility is offered for day-case/in-patient treatment in any of our participating hospitals/clinics.

How can I purchase a Sana medical insurance plan?

You will be required to fill an application form. On the basis of your medical history declaration, we will inform you of any underwriting conditions which may apply. If you agree to our proposal, we will upon receipt of payment issue your policy with immediate effect.

I am already insured elsewhere, can I transfer my policy with you?

Yes you can however, you will still be required to complete a simple application form and go through the underwriting procedure.

Will I be covered for existing health problems?

A medical policy is there for the unknown. An existing health condition will usually be excluded. You will need to state on the application form any current illness, chronic conditions and/or symptoms you may have.

Do you offer cover for foreign Nationals applying for an EU or student visa or a work permit in Malta?

Yes we do. When applying for a visa or a work permit you will be asked to provide health insurance. All our plans are available to non- Maltese citizens and a prices very competitively offering you a great choice. You can also choose to purchase repatriation cover for a small additional charge.

Are routine health check-ups covered?

No, none of our plans cover routine checkups however, you can choose to purchase our routine preventive package for a small additional charge.

How do I make a Claim?

  • Before having treatment, you are to call us on 21 345 123 to confirm that you are covered for that particular medical treatment.
  • For every claim you are required to fill in a claim form and have it signed by your doctor/s.
  • All specialist consultations are to be referred by a General Practitioner except for Pediatricians, Gynecologists and Ophthalmologists. A referral is not required for follow-up treatment you receive for the same medical condition.
  • The claim form must be sent to us together with the original receipts within 3 months of the date of treatment.
  • A detailed medical report is always required before we can confirm cover for day-patient or in-patient treatment.

What should I do next?

Should you be interested in knowing more about our products, you  may contact one of our representatives on 21 345 123, who will be happy to explain the different type of plans we have to offer or you may email us on