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Boosh FAQ

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Boosh Insurance FAQs

Who is eligible?

You must be aged between 18 and 24 years and insuring your car with GasanMamo on a Comprehensive or Third Party Fire & Theft basis in your own name.

What do I have to do to get the 65% discount?

You need to install a telematics device in your car which will monitor your driving and award a driving score. You start off with a score of 100 points, and you will lose points if you over-speed frequently. You can regain lost points by driving carefully. You must also drive less than 15,000km in any twelve month period.

What exactly is a telematics device?

A telematics device is small in size (smaller than a smartphone) and is fitted behind the glove compartment or the car radio. It tracks the movement of your car by using GPS (satellite) and GPRS (cellular) technology.

Does it affect the car’s performance or manufacturer’s guarantee?

It is non-intrusive and does not affect in any way the performance of the vehicle nor does it affect any vehicle manufacturers’ guarantee. The installation takes about 30 minutes and is carried out by a specialised technician at the premises of our partners who operate the telematics system. The current technicians for GasanMamo are Cyperpass Ltd., Soteria Building, Dawret Hal Ghaxaq, Hal Ghaxaq, GXQ 9011.

How much does it cost?

The device costs €95 installed and you have to pay an annual subscription fee of €105. Both prices include VAT. You pay these amounts to us with your insurance premium. Over a 4 year period, the annual cost is therefore €128.75, much less than the discount you will get on your insurance premium.

What do I get for my subscription?

Aside from being able to join Boosh, you will be able to access a secure website (from your PC, Smartphone or Tablet) where you will find all the information about where and when you used your car, the speeds reached, your current driving score and the kilometres driven. You can also track the movement of your car on a map for any given period of time.

What about my privacy? How much will the insurance company know about when and where I am using my car?

Your privacy is guaranteed. GasanMamo will only be aware of your driving score and copied with any alerts you receive by email. These alerts will be sent when you over-speed and when you have reached 90% of your kilometres limit. We will also be alerted when it appears that your car was involved in a collision. If you register a claim then we will have access to data for up to 30 minutes before the accident, and if your car is stolen, we will have access until it is traced and recovered.

What about other people having access to my data?

Data Protection legislation protects your privacy and does not permit the sharing of your data with any other person without your permission. You will have a username and password to access your data and it is totally up to you who to share this with.

So how does the discount work?

As long as you have fitted the device and maintain a good driving score you will always be benefitting from a maximum discount of 65%. This will take into consideration the No Claims Discount (NCD) you have earned or will earn. So the discount will reduce as you earn NCD but you won’t have to wait four years to benefit from a maximum discount of 65%, you get it straight away.

What happens if my driving score drops to a low level?

You can see your score (which is updated daily) at any time on the website, you will also receive e-mail alerts that you have lost points. You can make up for lost points by driving cautiously as your score will start to increase again. If you do not do this, you risk losing the discount when you come to renew your policy. If we see that you are over-speeding regularly we may also cancel your policy.

What if I make a claim, how will my discount be affected?

You may lose part of your discount in the same way as you would lose NCD if you claim under your policy. However, you will not lose the discount if the claim relates to a collision with another vehicle and it is established that you were not at fault.

What happens if I use up my 15,000km limit?

The limit has been set to cover regular driving in Malta, so if you use your car to commute every day and for personal and entertainment purposes in the normal manner, the limit won’t be reached. You also will have to option to buy extra kilometres if you need them.

Can I switch to Boosh if I am already insured?

Yes you can, if you are benefiting from less than 65% discount and have had one claim or less in the last 24 months, then your can apply for Boosh and your discount will be topped up to 65%.

What do I need to do to join Boosh?

Simply contact us at any of our offices or through our tied insurance intermediaries or your broker. If you are eligible your insurance premium will be discounted by 65% straight away. You will then be contacted by Cyberpass to have the device fitted within a 14 day period. After that it is up to you to drive the Boosh way!