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24 Hour Worldwide Specialty Assistance Emergency Service

The cost of the Collinson Medical Assistance emergency service is paid by The operation and availability of the service is governed by the terms, conditions and exclusions in the policy wording.

Collinson Medical Assistance emergency service must be notified immediately of an illness or injury which requires you to go into hospital, as an in-patient. If this is not possible because the condition is serious then contact must be made as soon as possible after you are hospitalised.

Immediate contact should be made with Collinson Medical Assistance emergency service before arrangements are made for repatriation.

An experienced Assistance Coordinator will deal with your enquiry and will make sure that:

  1. Hospitals are contacted if necessary;
  2. Necessary medical fees are guaranteed;
  3. Medical advisors are consulted;
  4. Repatriation to Malta is arranged, by the most appropriate method, if this is considered to be medically suitable.

Collinson Medical Assistance Emergency Service may be contacted as follows:

UK Telephone

+44 (0) 207 111 1101 (line open 24/7)


[email protected]