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We wish to inform our clients that our offices will be closed in the afternoon on Friday, 21st June 2024 for our Team Building event. Our branches will be open on the morning of Saturday 22nd June 2024, except for the Gzira and Mriehel branches. Thank you.

24/7 Home Emergency Support Service

Emergency Home Support Service

Emergency Home Support is a 24/7 home emergency service cover which assists you in the event of an emergency at your home.

No benefit shall be payable unless the Authorised Contractor has been notified by you or a person calling on your behalf through
the Emergency Home Support service telephone number 77 789 789.

The Policy Number and Expiry Date of your policy, as shown in the Policy Schedule, must be quoted when calling for assistance and
the relevant identification produced on request of our Assistance Co-Ordinators.

We will cover the following emergencies and will arrange for an authorised contractor to carry out an emergency repair, or a permanent
repair if the price is similar and economical:

  1. Sudden or unexpected breakdown or damage to pipes, blocked drains or leaks from sanitary fixtures and fixed water installations;
  2. Complete failure of your electricity supply within your home resulting from damage to the internal electrical installation;
  3. Loss of all keys needed to get into your home (excluding garages and outbuildings);
  4. Broken or damaged external windows and doors that are a security risk.


authorised contractor A person, company or organisation authorised by us.
emergency The result of a sudden and unforeseen incident at your home which, if not dealt with immediately, will:

  • Make the home unsafe or insecure for its occupants or a third party or
  • Create a risk of loss of or damage to your home and/or contents
emergency repair A temporary repair, which is necessary to resolve the immediate emergency, carried out by an
authorised contractor within the service limits.
permanent repair Work which is necessary to put right the damage that the Emergency has caused to the Home, carried
out by an authorised contractor.
outbuildings Sheds, greenhouses, guest quarters and other buildings which do not form part of the structure of
the main building on your home and are used or occupied for domestic purposes.

Special Exclusions

(See also General Exclusions).

  1. Loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from or relating to the following:
    • the cost of replacing parts due to natural wear and tear, corrosion or hard water scale deposits.
    • (i) burst or leaking flexible hoses; or
      (ii) leaking washing appliances that are fitted with a stop tap.
    • natural disasters (including floods and earthquakes), subterranean fire, subsidence, landslide, ground heave, settlement
      or shrinkage.
    • external water supplies.
    • external/public electrical supplies.
    • demolition, structural repairs or alterations to the property, faulty workmanship or using faulty materials.
    • the utility company deliberately disconnecting or interrupting the mains service or any equipment they are responsible for.
  2. Costs and expenses in respect of maintenance services.
  3. Replacement of external overflows or replacing of cylinders, tanks, boilers, radiators and sanitary ware.
  4. Costs relating to attempted repair by you or your own contractor.
  5. Costs relating to attempted repair by you or your own contractor.
  6. Breakdown of, loss of or damage to domestic appliances or other mechanical equipment.
  7. Any emergency in your home if it is unoccupied.
  8. Costs of parts other than those required to stop the emergency.
  9. Loss or damage relating to permanent repairs more specifically insured as part of any other insurance policies.
  10. Loss or damage arising from circumstances that you were aware prior to the effective date of this Section.

Special Conditions

  1. You must take all reasonable precautions to prevent an emergency. You must ensure that the normal day-to-day maintenance of
    your buildings is undertaken and that the property is in good condition.
  2. Availability of parts is an important part of the services. However, there may be times when replacement parts are delayed
    because of circumstances beyond our control. In these cases we will not be able to avoid delays in repairs.
  3. In the event that the parts needed to carry out an emergency or permanent repair are no longer available, we will communicate
    to you the details of the parts that are unavailable, and if required, the authorised contractor will provide you with a quotation of a
    suitable replacement.

The most we will pay under this Section

This is €350 for each incident and is inclusive of VAT, call out charges, labour and parts and materials. The total amount payable
during any one period of Insurance will not exceed €1,000.