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Optional Benefits

This page contains a list of optional benefits to add on to one of the Sana Health Insurance policies we offer:

1. Repatriation to Home Country and Repatriation of Mortal Remains

The first optional benefit allows you to purchase repatriation cover together with any of our plans and we will cover the cost of repatriating you to your home country in the event you suffer an acute medical condition for which treatment is unavailable in the country where the incident happened. We shall cover you up to a maximum of €30,000 per incident per the terms and conditions shown in the policy’s wording.

2. Preventive Treatment Package

You can purchase cover for routine check-ups with any of our in and outpatient plans. The annual permissible maximum pay-out is €250


Preventive Treatment

Amount covered


Eye examination Up to €20 every two years


Dental Examination Up to €30 every year


Mammogram/breast ultrasound for women aged 45 and over Up to €50 every two years


Prostate examination & PSA test for men aged 45 and over Up to €50 every two years


Blood pressure monitoring, complete blood count, liver function test, lipid profile and fasting blood glucose for members aged 40 and over Up to €70 every year


Gynaecological check-up inclusive of cervical cancer screening Up to €50 every year


Stress ECG  for members aged 45 and over Up to €100 every two years