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Have you ever been involved in a collision and wished that it had been caught on video so that you could show that you are not at fault?

Now you can make sure it happens!  With a dash cam installed in your car you can have video evidence of an accident which can prove to be crucial to protect your No Claims Discount. Not only, as a GasanMamo policyholder you can now benefit from a €50 voucher which you can use against your claim excess or new/renewal premium, if you are able to present usable footage from your dash cam when you make a claim.

A dash cam can also contribute to safer driving as you become more aware of how you and others are behaving on the road. Other road users too, can become more attentive knowing that their behaviour may be filmed. In other countries dash cams have already proven to be an important weapon to catch out crime, such as the crash-for-cash scams.

Now is the time to get a dash cam installed!

Terms & Conditions

A voucher of €50 will be issued to the policyholder if footage from a dash cam inside the insured vehicle is made available to GasanMamo when a valid claim under the motor policy is reported. This will be subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The footage must be presented in a format that can be easily read by GasanMamo Insurance Ltd.
  2. The footage must be sufficiently clear as to leave no doubt that it relates to the incident on which the claim is being made
  3. Third parties or their vehicles or other property involved in the claim must be clearly identifiable
  4. The footage must be able to be used as evidence in a court of law or arbitration tribunal in Malta for the purpose of determining liability or to attribute fault
  5. A valid date and time stamp must be included in the footage
  6. The policyholder must make available any additional footage from the dash cam that may be related to the incident when requested by GasanMamo

GasanMamo retains the sole right to determine whether the above terms and conditions have been met.

GasanMamo will have the right to retain and process the footage, which is to be used in connection with the processing of the claim, and can therefore be shared with other interested entities such as third parties, third party insurers, lawyers and the police.