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Boosh Terms and Conditions

Your GasanMamo Insurance Private Car Policy requires the installation of a telematics device on Your Car / Motor Vehicle. The following terms and conditions apply in addition to the standard terms and conditions contained in your Private Car policy.


Telematics Device

The device supplied and fitted to your car by the installation partner. This device collects and transmits data on driving style, location and impact.

Installation Partner

The company appointed by GasanMamo Insurance Ltd to install the telematics device.

Your Driving Score

The telematics device collects information about the way you drive. This information is used by us to calculate your driving score. This score is then used by us to calculate your annual driving reward on your premium.

Your driving score is calculated by us and is based on an assessment of a number of factors. The method by which these scores are calculated may be changed without notice.
Every twenty-four hours the insured vehicle will be given a score. This score may be viewed on a daily basis through a dedicated website using your login name and password provided to you by our Installation partner.
Should your driving score fall below a level acceptable to us, your discount may be revoked or reduced.

Driving Rewards

The rewards can be up to a maximum discount of 65% and will be reduced annually according to the No Claims Discount earned on your policy, your driving score and any at- fault claims registered. The discount is related to safe driving and not a claim, for this reason your reward will not be reduced if a claim is lodged where you were not at fault.

The following scale is an example of how this discount will be reduced.

YearNo Claims DiscountMaximum Discount

At-fault claims

If you are involved in an accident with your vehicle in which it is determined that you are fully or partially at fault and as a result, we pay compensation to a third party and/or pay for the repair or replacement of your vehicle.


You will be contacted by us or by your broker to arrange the installation of your telematics device. You will be required to book an appointment with our installation partner within 14 days of the commencement date of the policy, failure to do so, will result in the own damage cover for your vehicle being revoked and we reserve the right to cancel your policy if you fail to complete the installation process within the 14-day time period.


During the installation process the installation partner’s technicians will check that the Vehicle having the telematics device installed matches the description of your car as described on the policy schedule.
If your car fails the inspection process, our installation partner must contact us before the installation can continue. We will advise them of the action that needs to be taken and this will be dependent on the reason for the failure of the inspection process.

Operation of Telematics Device

You have an obligation to ensure that the telematics device is in operation at all times and if our installation partners send an email to you, on the email address registered with us, informing you that the device is not functioning you are to take immediate steps to have it repaired.

After five days from the date of the email, and until such time that the device is back into full operation, as confirmed by our installation partners, the full policy cover will only operate when you are driving your vehicle to the premises indicated by our installation partners to have the device reactivated, in all other circumstances the policy will only provide the minimum third party liability cover required by law.


Any repairs to the telematics device shall be carried out by the installation partner. Any repairs required to be made to the telematics device that result from manufacturer or installation faults or defects within the two years from the installation date shall be covered by warranty and shall be carried out by the installation partner at his own expense. If, during their monitoring of data from your telematics device, our installation partners suspect that there is any defect in the operation of your telematics device, they will contact you by e-mail to inform you of this. You must contact them as soon as is possible to arrange for an appointment for the defect to be rectified by them. Full policy cover will only continue to operate for a period of five (5) days starting from the date of the notification of this by our installation partners. As from the 6th day from notification and until the device is in full working order, policy cover will be limited to the third-party liability only as required by law (Sections 2, 4, 5, 6A and 7A of your Motor Insurance Policy). You must also contact us as soon as possible if you believe that for any reason the telematics device may be defective in some way.


The telematics device has attack safeguards and tamper controls and it is a condition of this insurance that you will not permit any unauthorised interference with the telematics device by any person.

If we detect any unauthorised interference with the telematics device or any interference with the GPS/GSM signal emitted from the telematics device all cover under this policy will be withdrawn.
The reinstatement of cover under the policy can only be considered subject to the telematics device being inspected by the installation partner within five days of the unauthorised interference being detected.

If, on inspection it is found that the telematics device and/or its emitted signal has been the subject of unauthorised interference, this insurance will be cancelled in accordance with General Condition No 2 ‘Cancellation by Us’ of your Private Car policy. Such interference will also be treated as a fraudulent act and all premiums will be forfeited in accordance with Condition No 9 ‘Fraud’ of the policy.

Unacceptable Driving Behaviour

Poor driving behaviour (including the insured vehicle being driven at speeds which exceed the speed limit for the road on which it is being driven) will negatively affect your driving score causing it to reduce. Driving cautiously and within the speed limit will restore your score if this has been reduced. You will be notified by e-mail when you have exceeded the speed limit, and you will be able to view your current score at any time by accessing the dedicated website with your username and password. Your score will improve if you drive cautiously. We may cancel the policy or reduce cover without any return premium at any time and at our discretion if we have evidence of more than one case of poor driving behaviour.

Distance Travelled

Your GasanMamo Private Car Insurance policy only provides cover for the restricted number of 15,000 Kilometres in any twelve-month period. If the period of insurance on your policy is less or more than twelve months, the limit will be adjusted proportionately.

You will be notified by our installation partners when you have reached 90% of the current limit. We may agree to increase your limit upon your request, subject to the payment of an additional premium.

If you exceed your stated annual mileage and carry on driving without topping-up, policy cover will be limited to the third-party liability only as required by law (Sections 2, 4, 5, 6A and 7A of your Motor Insurance Policy).

Data to which we have access

By installing the telematics device, you consent to us processing the following information collected by the telematics device relating to your vehicle:

  • The daily score.
  • The distance travelled by your car since the start of the latest period of insurance.
  • Copies of notifications sent by our service installers when you exceed the speed limit and/or when you have reached 90% of the annual limit for distance travelled.
  • A notification when the telematics device detects that your vehicle’s location is outside the territorial limits.
  • A notification that the telematics device was tampered with or was disconnected.
  • Data collected by the telematics device for a thirty-minute period preceding any accident you were involved in and on which a claim has been registered on your policy.
  • Additional data that we deem necessary in order to investigate any claim under your policy.

We will not have access to any other data without your prior explicit consent.

Service Cancellation

Should you decide to cancel or lapse your GasanMamo Private Car Insurance policy the data feed from your telematics device will be disabled and we will no longer be able to collect information about the way you drive and will not be able to detect accidents.

Data Errors

We will not be held responsible for any loss, damage, liability or costs caused by inaccuracies in the data collected by the telematics device.