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Published on the 14th July 2020

Twenty Years of Positive Social Impact

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Twenty Years of Positive Social Impact

GasanMamo Insurance is an excellent example of a successful merger having gone from strength to strength over the past twenty years. Today it is arguably one of Malta’s most successful insurance companies with a positive social impact, strong social conscience and corporate social strategy that has evolved and grown alongside the business, at the heart of its priorities. 


The company was one of the first to recognize that CSR speaks to who the company is, what it believes in and how it is doing business. It has always been synonymous with philanthropic acts, going beyond the confines of its core profession of insurance. These acts of philanthropy have evolved over the past twenty years and grown organically into a strong and sustainable strategy which has become a core element of the business today. Over the years the company has organically supported a number of social pillars providing support to environmental issues, heritage projects, vulnerable communities,  athletes, youths in sports as well as encouraging a community led company culture that supports and encourages diversity and inclusion.


Social responsibility also includes looking inward at a company’s practices and creating positive social change internally as well. Starting with its own people, GasanMamo Insurance has over a hundred and fifty dedicated employees who, with their sustained focus on corporate social responsibility, have accomplished a great deal over the last 20 years.  From beach cleans up, before they became trendy, to giving residential homes much needed makeovers, the company culture has encouraged and fostered a sense of community and duty towards helping more vulnerable communities. GMI also continues to strive for a more inclusive culture in its CSR approach supporting more sensitive issues such as LGBTQ and Malta Pride week.


In sports too, the company has consistently sought to partner with several sports activities, with a focus on youths in sport. Apart, from long standing sponsorships with Mosta FC Youth Academy, and previous collaborations with the Malta Rugby Football Union, and Neptunes water polo, the company also supports various international sporting events undertaken by Maltese athletes such as the 2018 Marathon des Sables as well as a number of treks to Mount Kilimanjaro. 


Preserving and restoring national heritage through collaborations with Din L-Art Ħelwa and Heritage Malta, to protect our rich culture for future generations, has always been a priority for GasanMamo Insurance. One of the first and still most memorable initiatives undertaken back in 2007 was to support the restoration of the Delimara lighthouse, that beacon to shipping as well as a landmark of British architecture.


More recently, the notarial volumes of Notary Placido Abela (1557 -1595), a well-established notary, who was also heavily involved in the field of education, were restored. The works shed some interesting facts into the way land was sold during the initial stages of the building of Valletta,  particularly regarding the allotment of land in the early development stage of Valletta and is of utmost importance to the history of urban planning. The project then led to a photographic exhibition by Alex Attard, which captured the contents of damaged documents in the Notarial Archives through an artistic and creative expression.


As a long-standing active member of the Chamber of Commerce, GasanMamo has always been committed to supporting and contributing to the local economy.  During the recent Covid-19 situation, the business pledged its financial support and professional expertise to one of the Chamber’s initiatives; the formation of a post-pandemic think tank. 


Environmental issues are another priority for the firm, which from the get-go, has placed importance on green issues and sustainability, collaborating regularly and consistently with projects focussed on reducing waste. The firm was also one of the first local businesses to introduce paperless offices years ago and support Project Aegle foundation which aims to advance sustainable mobility solutions improving Malta’s traffic situation.  Today, GasanMamo Insurance continues to support environmental issues with regular clean ups, collaborating with local NGOs like Zibel, and the recent purchase and installation of a Seabin in the Ta Xbiex marina.


Over the past two decades, the insurance company has thrown its support behind social responsibility initiatives which contribute to safer communities and reduce environmental impact at home and abroad. Whether supporting large scale restoration projects or offering much needed support to vulnerable communities during the COVID-19 situation, GasanMamo Insurance continues to play a vital role in protecting communities and those who live in them.

GasanMamo Insurance

GasanMamo Insurance