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1. Hanging Christmas Lights

Putting up Christmas decorations can help boost the festive spirit, but it can also be a major peril. When putting up Christmas lights on the outside of your humble abode, try and avoid entanglement as you may end up hanging upside down by your legs, which as you can imagine isn’t very pleasant.


2. Christmas Tree on Fire

The loved and cherished Christmas tree tradition is a major fire hazard, and it doesn’t matter if your preference is pine or plastic – both will go up in an equal amount of smoke and flame if your lights aren’t up to the task of being switched on all holiday. Keep anything that causes such a catastrophe well away from one of the most endearing symbols of good cheer.


3. Fireplace

If you have the luxury of a fireplace to avail yourself of, then for goodness’ sake make sure you don’t leave any presents in its path! A fiery mishap can go a long way to ruining your happy holiday, and can literally put you out of house and home, so if you are a fancy-pants with an enormous fireplace in your living room, keep flammables STRICTLY away! It goes without saying – if you have home insurance , run away immediately!


4. Christmas Tree falling over

The key to this one is simple – make sure there is equilibrium between the baubles/decorations on all sides of your perfect, conical tree. Weigh it down too much on either end, and the result could be a sore head and a mouthful of pine needles. They’re not a substitute for eggnog or Christmas log, so take it from us – bauble-balancing is the buzz-phrase this year.


5. Slippery roads

As we all know, sadly, Maltese roads are not the best. Slight rainfall or a bit of damp results in the equivalent of an automotive ice skating rink. Even though you are more than likely to have car insurance , slow down, so if you do happen to run into Santa Claus crossing from a particularly perilous place, you can take evasive action with ease.