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Published on the 4th November 2015

Supporting #dontrisk Drink Driving Campaign – GasanMamo Insurance

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GasanMamo Insurance Supports #dontrisk Drink Driving Awareness Campaign

You drink, you drive, you lose!

Last month saw the launch of a national campaign to raise awareness on the dangers involved when driving under the influence of alcohol with the aim to promote and encourage safer behaviour on our roads. This campaign, undertaken by Bay Radio and which also has the backing of Agenzija Sedqa, the national agency dedicated to promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation to persons with alcohol problems, Drink Aware Malta, Transport Malta and the Times of Malta, is also being supported by GasanMamo Insurance. GasanMamo is one of Malta’s leading insurance companies and provides competitively priced car insurance cover for both personal and commercial clients throughout the Maltese Islands.

Drink Driving Accounts for 13% of all Road Fatalities

With drink driving accounted for at least 13% of all road fatalities last year, there is no doubt that there is a great need for a real and effective campaign particularly with the younger generations. The #dontrisk campaign tackles this very present danger from a different perspective by bringing a positive message which is clear and simple: if you are planning to go out and drink make arrangements to avoid driving, whether that is using public transport, taking a taxi or nominating a driver who will not drink. Taking the risk is just not worth it.

Managing Director Keen to Support Initiative

GasanMamo’s Managing Director, Julian Mamo said that the company was very keen to support such a good initiative and one which can help educate younger people on a very present danger. “GasanMamo Insurance welcomes and supports any opportunity which will help make our roads safer for all,” he added.

Further Information

For more information on this campaign visit, which includes information about the laws surrounding such matters, legal alcohol limits, as well as how alcohol affects driving. The site also gives advice on how to stay safe on the road, along with alcohol free alternatives.

About GasanMamo Insurance

Able to trace its roots all the way back to 1947, GasanMamo Insurance is one of Malta’s leading insurance companies providing competitively priced and a different range of insurance cover types, from car insurance and boat insurance to home insurance and health insurance for both personal and commercial clients through the Maltese Islands. The company recognises the importance of customer value and ensures that it maximizes value by keeping premiums as low as possible, yet maintaining the correct balance to provide service that meets the standards set by the company.