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Published on the 20th May 2024

School in Dukra Village: GasanMamo’s Commitment to Education and Community Development in Ethiopia

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School in Dukra Village: GasanMamo’s Commitment to Education and Community Development in Ethiopia

School in Dukra Village: GasanMamo is proud to reaffirm our commitment to the Apostolic Vicariate of Jimma-Bonga, a cherished community in southwestern Ethiopia led by our esteemed friend Fr. Kifle. Over the years, our support has made a tangible difference in this vibrant yet modest community, from constructing a water reservoir to ensure a steady supply of fresh water 🚰💧, to our latest educational initiative.

Building a Brighter Future in Dukra Village

We are excited to announce a new chapter in our ongoing support: enhancing education for the children of Dukra village by aiding in the construction of a new school. This ambitious project includes the creation of three new classrooms 🏫❤️. The existing school structure, with its unstable foundation, poses a significant risk of collapse, making this initiative crucial for the safety and education of the children.

Beyond Bricks and Cement

This project transcends the physical act of building. It represents a commitment to a brighter future by providing improved educational opportunities for children who face daily challenges. Our involvement underscores GasanMamo’s dedication to social responsibility, aligning with Fr. Kifle’s vision and nurturing community development.

Fr. Kifle expressed his gratitude, saying, “Your contributions are transforming bricks and cement into opportunities for education and a brighter future. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all at GasanMamo for their dedication and support in making a significant impact. Let’s continue this important work together.”

GasanMamo’s Managing Director, Julian Mamo, also shared his thoughts on the project: “It is an honour to be part of this project, and we look forward to the community benefiting from this collective effort. Together we are much more powerful, and it is important to use that power as a force for good.” 🏫❤️💪

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