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Published on the 21st April 2020

GasanMamo Insurance pledges its support to the Malta Chamber of Commerce

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GasanMamo Insurance pledges its support to the Malta Chamber of Commerce

As the global response to the novel coronavirus pandemic gathers steam, local businesses such as GasanMamo Insurance are putting their support into the local economy. The company recently confirmed its partnership and support to the Malta Chamber of Commerce through an official collaboration. This means that GasanMamo Insurance will be throwing its support behind one of the several thematic committees which the Chamber is currently putting together, with the aim of assisting the economy in addressing the key issues that lie ahead. With the unprecedented economic situation brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic,  Chamber has renewed its efforts to to partner with leading local brands such as GasanMamo, to strengthen its policy-making capacity with several horizontal committees.


With this partnership, GasanMamo Insurance will be supporting the formation of a Post Pandemic Strategic group. This Think Tank Committee is being set up to research and develop various scenarios of how the post-pandemic business and social landscape might look, with the aim to develop considered and sustainable strategies needed to rebuild a more resilient economic framework. GasanMamo’s managing director Julian Mamo, will sit at this committee table to share insights and predictions towards researching and developing a number of scenarios on how the landscape of post-pandemic business might look.


Commenting on the partnership, managing director Julian Mamo said that, “GasanMamo Insurance is pleased to be supporting the Malta Chamber of Commerce, particularly with the formation of Malta Chamber’s post pandemic strategic group. These are unprecedented times and it is our civic duty as well as our obligation to contribute towards a strong economic recovery plan”.


GasanMamo Insurance Limited is authorised under the Insurance Business Act and regulated by the MFSA