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Published on the 17th February 2021

Hospice Malta’s St Michael Hospice Project

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Hospice Malta’s St Michael Hospice Project

St Michael Hospice Project

Hospice Malta would like to express its gratitude towards GasanMamo following a company commitment to donate a substantial amount over the span of three years. The funds will be assigned to the St Michael Hospice project – a new palliative care centre that is being built so that the Hospice continues to sustain its services to the community.

Additionally, GasanMamo also supports Hospice Malta with very advantageous rates for vehicle insurance due to the large fleet that it requires for its day-to-day running.

Hospice Malta provides free-of-charge palliative care services to patients suffering from terminal illnesses. It also provides support to the patients’ families.

The agreement was struck at the end of December following a meeting held with GasanMamo Managing Director, Julian Mamo where representatives from Hospice Malta spoke in detail about the work being done on the palliative care centre. 

The newly refurbished building will become the main premises for Hospice Malta and is expected to help further enhance the already established palliative community services provided by Hospice since 1989. St Michael Hospice will also house an In-Patient palliative care unit complementing all the other services for a more comprehensive approach. The present-day therapy services will be expanded, and several Outpatient clinics will also be introduced. St Michael Hospice will also enhance its educational wing, which will open many opportunities to exchange expertise with other Hospices across Europe and beyond.

Hospice Malta can offer its crucial support through the help of volunteers and donations. In the last year, it has provided palliative care to approximately 1,300 families whilst providing a supportive environment where both patients and their loved ones can feel safe.

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About GasanMamo Insurance

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