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Many will be looking forward to the cooler weather and some may feel that Autumn is the best season. This having been said a house or apartment is actually quite vulnerable to the Autumn season. With cooler weather fast approaching, Malta will experience an increase in the amount of rainfall and wind so it is important to make sure that your home is well protected. While you cannot predict the weather, there are many ways that you can protect your home against it.

As people say, prevention is better than cure so below are some useful tips on how to keep your home safe during the rainy and windy season.

  1. Check that your roof is ready for the rain. It is important to look for cracks and to check that the water proofing membrane has been maintained.
  2. Have a look around your property making sure that you inspect every wall. Be on the look out for cracks and holes. Larger cracks should be repaired immediately to prevent water from seeping into your home. Autumn can be a season of high rainfall and with heavy storms that can also damage exterior paint, so make sure that if there is any bubbling, peeling or crackling paint, you touch up the problematic area to prevent further damage.
  3. Check your gutters and drains. Dirt and debris can easily clog gutters, especially during the Summer months when rainfall is minimal. Clogged gutters can cause rain water to backup and damage your home. Make sure that you clean all the gutters from any debris regularly so that you are safe next time rain is forecast.
  4. Check your downspouts. While it is raining it is important to see where the downsprouts are dumping water. If the water is pooling less than one metre away from your house, redirect it to prevent water damage to your home.
  5. Tackle your doors and your windows. Make sure that both close and seal properly to leave the rain and cold temperatures outside and make any repairs or improvements as necessary.
  6. Check that your satellite dish, television aerials, solar panels, or anything that you might have on the roof are all fixed securely due to high winds. Also make sure that all outdoor garden furniture is stored away.

Autumn is usually a high claim season for insurance companies, especially due to the rain. Since purchasing a property is probably the largest investment during one’s lifetime which entails a lot of sacrifice, patience and a large financial commitment, it is highly important that people take all the necessary pre-caution to protect both themselves and their home from any potential risk.