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Published on the 1st February 2024

GasanMamo Insurance embarks on an endurance journey with Fabio Spiteri

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GasanMamo Insurance embarks on an endurance journey with Fabio Spiteri

Sponsoring Fabio Spiteri DECA Challenge 2024

We, at GasanMamo are delighted to announce our continued collaboration with the esteemed Endurance Athlete, Fabio Spiteri.

Thrilled to sustain our partnership with this renowned endurance athlete, we’ve witnessed years of inspiration and accomplishment; consequently, we are confident that 2024 will bring even greater triumphs.

In 2023, Fabio faced a setback during his DECA attempt, halting after completing 7 Ironman races in 7 days due to a severe injury. This year, our anticipation peaks as Fabio Spiteri gears up for the DECA challenge. With steadfast support, we eagerly await his extraordinary performance in the Deca Ultra Ironman. This challenge encompasses a grueling 38km swim, 1,800km bike ride, and a 422km run over 10 days. Scheduled for September 2024 at Lago di Garda in Italy, this challenge is set to push Fabio to new endurance heights.

As part of this remarkable journey, Fabio strives to break his own Malta National Record. This goal stands as a testament to his unparalleled dedication and resilience. We are particularly enthusiastic about the upcoming race;  here, Fabio’s determination is poised to inspire others to surpass their limits and achieve the extraordinary.

Beyond his athletic pursuits, Fabio launched Project100, a fundraising initiative dedicated to supporting animal shelters. At GasanMamo, we take pride in aligning ourselves with values that underscore resilience, determination, and a commitment to community well-being.

Mark Mamo, Director at GasanMamo Insurance, remarks, “We firmly believe in the philosophy that the number of times you fall does not define you; what matters is the strength and courage to rise again and conquer your fears. Fabio embodies these values. Therefore, we are privileged to stand by his side on this remarkable journey.”