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800 Teams for Puttinu Cares Football Marathon

A group of GasanMamo employees joined another 800 football teams that took up the challenge of playing football in the 10th edition of the 60 hour Puttinu Cares football marathon that was held between 6 and 8 June at the Marsa Sports Ground .

Fund-Raising and Dress Down Day

To further raise money for the charitable organisation, other GasanMamo employees wholeheartedly gave a donation in a fund raising activity and dress down day. The funds raised by Puttinu, a total of about €1.4 million will be used to pay for 12 apartments in Sutton, London which are currently being used to accomodate patients and their families who need to be taken to London for hospital care, particularly at the Royal Marsden cancer hospital .

Puttinu Cares Facilities Used by Over 30 Families

Over 30 Maltese families currently go for treatment in hospitals in the UK where they spend weeks, months and even years getting the treatment. “GasanMamo’s commitment to the community is part of our core values,” said Julian Mamo, Managing Director at GasanMamo Insurance . “As a team, we try our best to help charitable institutions such as Puttinu Cares to continue carrying out the sterling work they do for our community.”