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Published on the 19th January 2015

GasanMamo Charms with Authentic Calendar

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Life is unpredictable – the best that we can do is to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. One cannot rely on fate, providence or chance, because life can be volatile and surprising at the best of times. This is the main theme of the yearly GasanMamo Insurance calendar, much awaited by staff and clients alike. Once again this calendar is ground-breaking to the Maltese Islands. This year’s captivating calendar provides six pieces of digital art, which refers to a type of insurance offered by GasanMamo.

A Positive Present Leads to a Positive Future

“The New Year always starts off with high ambitions and admirable goals but we don’t really know what the year ahead will bring. At GasanMamo Insurance we plan with a strong sense to the present, making sure that our ‘right now’ is positive and unwavering. This will, in turn, lead us to a similar future,” said Mark Mamo, General Manager at GasanMamo.

Calendar developed by MPS

The innovative calendar was developed by MPS Marketing Communications. “Since life is unpredictable, it must go on, no matter what. But choosing the right insurance product can be very perplexing for some people. Thanks to this calendar we have twisted exaggerated situations to offer a funny interpretation of leaving things to destiny. Likewise each piece of digital is explained within the context of the star sign applicable to that period,” said Alan Paris, Creative Director at MPS.

The Underlying Meaning

In a nutshell the meaning behind this year’s calendar concept is that no one can rely on destiny or fortune and GasanMamo is providing a service that is without surprises and nothing less than what is expected. GasanMamo puts customers first, knowing that the company’s success depends on how well to anticipate, appreciate, understand, and satisfy the needs of its customers.