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GasanMamo firmly considers good health to be vital to human contentment and well-being. Furthermore, health makes an important impact to economic progress, as healthy populations live longer, are more productive, and save more. GasanMamo have the overall wellbeing of its employees at heart and as a result of this the company endorses and encourages a healthy lifestyle.

Two Different Initiatives

GasanMamo embarked on two different initiatives to upsurge health awareness. ‘Get the World Moving’ is one of the challenges which is helping many employees implementing a new set of healthier habits which keeps them energised and fit.

On-site Consultation Clinic

Another bold initiative being taken by GasanMamo is setting up a consultation clinic at the company’s premises. Once a month Dr. John Gauci, who is a specialist in Family and Occupational Medicine, is being stationed at the company’s Head Office to serve as a medical advisor and address any individual medical needs of any staff member at GasanMamo. During these appointments, all employees can benefit from general consultations and preventive treatment of general medical conditions, counselling on medical problems and the adoption of a healthy lifestyle, and consultation and education on occupational health concerns.

Confirmation of GasanMamo’s Commitment to Health

Dr. Gauci said that GasanMamo’s initiatives are a confirmation of the company’s commitment to ensure that their employees are following a healthy lifestyle. “GasanMamo are taking the bull by the horns and promoting wellness as a priority,” he said.

All consultations are of a completely confidential nature between the doctor and the employee and no information divulged during the sessions is being shared with the company unless the employee requests the doctor to do so. This service is being offered by the company without any charge.