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During the months of May and June, a total of 4670 kilos of documents were removed from GasanMamo’s archives and were shredded, baled and sent for recycling. A further 13.2 kilos of used batteries were also collected by Wasteserv from GasanMamo’s Head Office.

GasanMamo installed a battery recycling collection box at their head office in a bid to encourage employees to dispose responsibly of batteries which contain toxic chemicals that are dangerously released into the environment if they are disposed of as regular waste. The batteries are then collected and exported for treatment and recycling.  The recycling of batteries worldwide contributes to recover thousands of tonnes of metals including valuable metals like nickel, cobalt and silver. This reduces the need to mine new materials, cutting CO2 emissions and saving resources.

“Managing waste has always been an important issue for our country,” said Julian Mamo, Managing Director at GasanMamo. “Through these initiatives we are helping our employees appreciate the environment through eco-friendly measures. It also helps us as a company to reinforce our commitment to take care of the environment, with employees also encouraging their family and friends to do the same and recycle and reuse as much as they can. A large part of the merit for the success already achieved of this initiative goes to the Gasanmamo employees that are cooperating to the full.”