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Fabio Spiteri

Fabio Spiteri Ultra-Athlete cycled around Sicily in 47 hours 41 minutes

Malta’s leading ultra-athlete Fabio Spiteri once again broke records when he recently completed his epic challenge of cycling around Sicily in 47 hours 41 minutes, raising € 42,000 for animal sanctuaries.  Fabio Spiteri, who holds the national record of double and triple ironman, is the second fastest person to complete this gruelling challenge.  Fabio is a passionate animal lover and advocate for their welfare undertaking this challenge with an ulterior motive in mind; that of raising much needed funds for the many animal shelters around Malta and Gozo.

Fabio Spiteri conquered his challenge and collected over € 42,000 for the animal shelters

And even after the cycling challenge was behind him, Fabio Spiteri worked tirelessly to raise awareness and shine a light on these shelters.  Fabio was supported throughout all this by GasanMamo Insurance.  All staff at GasanMamo organised a dress down day to collect funds and help Fabio Spiteri in his continuous effort to collect the necessary funds for the animals.

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